CD 102.5

It starts with the music and grows from there. Anyone can play music, but reaching out to your listeners and getting them involved with the station is a totally different animal. At CD102.5 we believe it is critical to support community events, charitable causes, the arts and cleaning up our environment.

Community involvement is an important aspect of CD102.5’s philosophy — without the community, the radio station simply doesn’t exist! Because of this belief, CD102.5 strives to be involved in many activities around Columbus. Being a fellow SBB community member, special advertising rates are now available to new CD102.5 clients.

Additional Info

  • B2B Deal: Special advertising rates for SBB member businesses.
  • Phone: (614) 221-9923
  • Email:
  • Address: 1036 S. Front St. Columbus, Ohio 43206

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