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Trident Design, LLC is an invention incubator in the spirit of Edison’s Lab, with core expertise in product design, branding, licensing and consulting. We work with independent inventors and innovative manufacturers to help them create game-changing products, from cooking gadgets to medical equipment. Our products reflect what we call the Perfect Product Pyramid,  featuring striking design, functional excellence, and breakthrough technology.  A perfect example of the results of our approach is the award-winning PowerSquid. Featured in countless media stories (New York Times,  Popular Mechanics, the Today Show and more) and sold virtually everywhere (Wal-Mart, Target, Radio Shack and more), this tentacled update to the power strip transformed its entire product category, driving substantial revenue for our licensee and  spawning numerous copycats.


What sets Trident apart is the fact that we not only develop products for others but we are also inventors ourselves.  We have licensed numerous products to others for manufacture as well as manufactured them ourselves(including setting up manufacturing in China). We have a proven track record of success in selling into mass retail. We have sat on both sides of the table, and can relate to both the independant inventor as well as the corporate client. We welcome the oppurtunity to explain our services and how we can help transform your idea into a fully packaged product ready to be sold on the shelves of the world.Trident Design would love to hear your idea!

Services we offer:

Prior Art Searches

Market Research

User Research

Patent Concierge


Product Design

CAD Drawings



3D Animation


Logo Design


Package and POP design


Additional Info

  • B2B Deal: 10% off all invention services for SBB members
  • Phone: 614.291.2435
  • Email:
  • Address: 24 E. Lincoln St Columbus Ohio 43215
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