Welcome to the flora and fauna of Homedecor. You will have the opportunity to browse through an art gallery that will be a visual treat for your Home. You can use this art gallery to make your purchasing decision on products that will add elegance and grace to your living rooms and work place. Most of the products presented in this art gallery are made of high quality silk, bronze, brass, silver and sandalwood. If you would like to touch and feel products before making a purchase, please feel free to email me and schedule a visit to a place of your choice. You have come to an arts/crafts store that will strive to meet your expectations. We hope you will enjoy this sojourn and comeback to shop with us. We sell arts to remain in your hearts!

Additional Info

  • SBB Deal: 10% off a purchase of $200 or more
  • Phone: 513-919-9706
  • Email:

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