To bring fun ideas and culture on to comfortable, fashionable clothing while providing customer service that exceeds expectations.

What started out as a simple question, “Hey, do you want to start a t-shirt company?” – evolved into TBidness. Three of us – Tyler, Patrick and Jason – took the idea to heart and tried on decide why we wanted to do this and what we wanted the company to be.


We decided we wanted our shirts to be (1) comfortable, (2) fun and (3) reflective to the culture that surrounds us. Tyler and Jason grew up in Indiana while Patrick is a native of Ohio. We set out to design apparel that fit the above three objectives while adding on customer service aspects that set us apart from the norm. We know that anyone can buy a t-shirt anywhere, so we strive to provide top service to all customers.


We frequently get asked, “Why did you name it TBidness?” That’s a fair question. What started in our notes as “T-Shirt Business” evolved through conversation into “TBidness.” T-Shirt Business was too long of name – and quite unoriginal – and T-Business was too formal. We wanted a casual approach to our company, so T-Business became TBidness and we’ve been loving every second of it since.

So we hope you enjoy our designs and apparel. Don’t hesitate to drop us a note whether it’s a question, concern or just to say hi. And thank you in advance for your “Bidness.”





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