Fit Food Columbus


“Necessity breeds ingenuity”. Nothing could be closer to the truth for the birth of Fit Food. We were busy young professionals who cared about our health, but with limited time found that it was unfortunately always a stretch to shop, cook, and prepare food for the week. Working out 3-4 times a week (CrossFit, boxing, traditional training) helped keep us in shape, but didn't get us to the bodies we were looking for. We realized that diet is everything.

Some research shows that your diet makes up 80% of your success physically. This means that if your diet is bad, you aren't going to see the results you've been working so hard to experience. Even if you aren't an avid gym rat, your diet can control your mood, energy levels, and cognitive awareness.

So this is what we were thinking... “what if you could gain time, money, and a healthy lifestyle, and lose weight, stress, and guessing what is healthy for you?” The answer was a resounding "HELL YES!"

Our focus is to help you reach your goals as we reach our goals together. Fitness is a lifestyle made easier with community. Let's get to it!!!


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