Lottie Da

My name is Amy Routh. I am a mother, a wife, a designer, and an entrepreneur. My family and I live in Columbus, Ohio, just a few blocks away from our lovely little boutique.    I have to admit it, Lottie Da had been a daydream of mine to help pass the time during those long boring meetings at work!    I honestly don’t know at what point the daydream turned into an achievable professional goal. But many, many meetings later…. Here I am with my own little shop and my own clothing line!
After over 10 years working as a designer in the fashion industry I was bursting with ideas for a unique store concept focusing on beautifully designed and handcrafted items for children.  Inspired by my daughter Charlotte and with the support of my loving husband Adam, I left the corporate world to create my own opportunity.   I made my daydream a reality 1 year ago when I opened my boutique.

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