Tatoheads is a food truck out of Clintonville that pays homage to the potato. We feature natural cut or sweet potato fries with seven seasonings and seven dipping sauces. We have begun to roll out specials that include tater tots, sandwiches, wraps, loaded fry combinations, and we will add soup to the menu for the fall season. Our menu is constantly in a state of change to allow for creative expression of our potato obsession.

Give it a try, "Excite Your Taste Spuds"


Chicago deep dish pizza
Parmesan Peppercorn
onion dill ranch
Herbs de provence

Dipping sauces
Curry Aioli
Roasted Shallot and Truffle Aioli
Horseradish ranch
Tatoheads Original Fry Dip
Spicy Red Pepper Cilantro Ketchup
Buffalo Honey Giardiniera 
Olive Remoulade

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