Pitabilities is all about fresh made to order unique pita sandwiches. Created from thedesire to serve fresh flavorful food quickly and affordably, Pitabilities hit the road in astate-of-the-art food truck in September 2011!Our unique fusion of Mediterranean and American foods gives our sandwiches a tastethat is not duplicated anywhere. The Gyro is a staple we have been serving since 1986from pushcarts that our founder created from a desire to bring this tasty sandwich to theColumbus area. At the time the only place in Columbus to get one was on campus, nowwe see them all around town.No longer is there only the Gyro, but we have taken the pita to the next level and havecreated a variety of flavorful sandwiches such as the Chicken Pita, Philly Steak Pita,Italian and Brat Pita, Veggie Pita and many other Pita’s We are always developing newsandwiches and look to our customers for their ideas, that’s where the Ripper Dog cameto be. A deep fried hot dog with fries and cheddar cheese sauce on a warm pita toppedwith grilled onions, WOW!

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