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Our goal is to provide a fun and spunky studio that focuses on mixer classes that will literally make your muscles burn! Pun intended. We teach Vinyasa, which means to flow from one movement to the next with each breath. You will absolutely break a sweat, strengthen, tone your entire body but you will also spend much needed time in a relaxation pose (savasana) that we all need to relieve stress in our lives.Who doesn't want Jennifer Aniston's body? Well besides from eating the same healthy salad every day, she does practice Vinyasa yoga. Also, Yoga isn't geared towards women only; Real Men Do Yoga, just Google Matthew McConaughey.Burn also offers indoor cycling classes. The wonderful thing about indoor cycle is that it is a low impact cardiovascular workout that does not take any special knowledge or ability. Our certified instructors design routines ranging from strength and endurance training to intense calorie burners. We have great music to make the time fly!!!Check out our Classes & Events page to see the description of all classes offered. We strive to give every Cbus resident the opportunity to live a fit and healthy life.




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