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 Das KaffeeHaus von Frau Burkhart (vFB) embodies a very edgy European cafe (i.e. coffeehouse) feel and format that one might find in ANY European urban center blended with cafe, bakeries, Biergarten and edgy pub style undertones. The elements that one would find unique about modern European cafes are VERY constant throughout Europe: the coffees themselves to the eclectic atmosphere, music, attitude, and again “pub style” undertones. These elements, however, are a far cry from what Americans have been told coffeehouses should be (quiet, dark/soft, impersonal, west coast, unrefined and indie style shops). Even though Das KaffeeHaus vFB is distinctly German and influenced by mostly the modern cafe/Biergarten scene in and around Germany – it is still a very broad interpretation of what you would find throughout cafes in Europe.  Our concept is of a blended modern German Kaffeehaus/cafe which takes into account the availability of coffee and standard coffee drinks in almost every cafe, club and pub in Germany (very different from similar venues here in the USA).  Whereas the traditional “German Coffeehouse” is quiet and “upscale” (similar to English tea rooms), our interpretation is closer to a German cafe (what Germans call cafes - are closer to our concept).  There are, however,  über modern Kaffeehaus/EDM clubs in the Northwest region of Germany that influenced our concept (Kaffeehäuser by day and EDM clubs by night) as well - although more sparse, these places in particular and the Kaffee they served were also instrumental in our concept - keep in mind, Joseph our creator, visited such establishments in Germany and blended many of his experiences of Germany into this unique concept.

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  • SBB Deal: Free coffee with any purchase
  • Address: 1036 S. Front Street Columbus, Ohio 43206

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