Zoot Scoots

Since 2001, Zoot Scoots has been dedicated to selling the highest quality scooters at competitive prices to provide the maximum value for central Ohio scooterists. Their goal is to promote and facilitate scootering in the new millennium. Scootering and motorcycling has given everyone at Zoot Scoots a tremendous joy and freedom that they want to share with you and your friends. They are accessible and out-going to new riders and will provide a wealth of information, and sound advice to all who seek it. They want to get you on the scooter that's right for your lifestyle and budget, so they inventory over thirty different scooters, motorcycles and ATVs. If they don't have what you're looking for, they'll help you find it!

Zoot Scoots is proud to be different and has a no B.S. price policy. All their prices include sales tax, freight, prep, title fees, temporary tags, a full tank of gas and oil, de-restriction, and the "warranty service" at 500 miles or 90 days. Some prices will also include various accessories. Their prices are very competitive, so compare their prices to other dealers and realize the great value they provide at Zoot Scoots. Make sure you get the On-The-Road Price when comparing, and remember, they don't extort on the "warranty service". They give you the righteous deal you can brag about, and you help them promote scootering and enable them to grow & better serve in the future.



Additional Info

  • SBB Deal: Free helmet with the purchase of any scooter.
  • Phone: 614.298.9668
  • Email: rbeam@columbus.rr.com
  • Address: 1057 W 5th Ave. Columbus, OH 43212

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