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Babybird Children's Fashions

Your baby is unique. Their clothes should be too.
Our story: Courtney Hardman, Babybird’s founder, had been working in the New York fashion world for about 11 years when she got the news one day that her sister was pregnant. She was on the first plane back home. Nine months later when she finally held little Sophie for the first time, Courtney was inspired.
Inspiration. It’s what Babybird is built on. That means both being inspired and inspiring others. Babybird was inspired with the partnership of Ladybird founder, Allison Jayjack. Babybird maintains a similar aesthetic. We took that same love of fashion and combined it with our other love. Babies.
Love and family play such key roles in Babybird, Courtney found it easy to bring cousin, and graphic designer, Chelsea Burgin, into the Babybird home. Chelsea studied at The School Of Advertising Art and was interning for Promowest when Courtney approached her with the exciting idea of being Babybird's Creative Director. Don't be shy to ask her to customize a piece for your babybird!
People are inspired by the babies they love. They enter the world with their own colorful persona. Even though they might not be able to say it yet, it’s clear from the start that each baby has his very own personality.
Babybird wants to encourage moms, dads, aunts, uncles, friends, grandmas, grandpas and anybody else who wants to give their favorite baby the absolute best. Everybody wants to give the most thoughtful and memorable gifts to the little person they adore.
People want to give something that has deep meaning and reflects their distinctive spirit. And we know it isn’t so easy to find clothing that shows that more really understand a child’s one-of-a-kind individuality, especially at those cookie cutter stores.
That’s why Babybird offers a wide array of fresh, unique, and stylish clothing so our customer can find the exact outfit that truly reflects your favorite baby’s style.
We love little ones. They don’t know the rules so they break them in the most interesting ways. At Babybird, we just make sure we’re listening.




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