10 Benefits to Pursuing a Career in Nursing.

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Written By Charlotte Miller

For a while now, nursing has been one of the most sought-after professions globally, and as it is, it won’t stop being in demand, at least not anytime soon. However, the reason is not far-fetched. Nurses generally have significant responsibilities as it is a job that calls for utmost attention, empathy, and energy, amongst others.

But, apart from the responsibility demands, nurses also have great rewards, as well as personal fulfillment. They offer assistance to patients in their (patients) lowest and most vulnerable moments. They are also usually present to provide patients with moral support throughout their recovery period.

Moreover, as a nurse, you will need to properly manage patients’ families and difficult co-workers, including your own emotional and physical strains. But no matter how stressful the profession can be, being a nurse is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding professions. In this article, you will learn certain benefits attached to pursuing a career in nursing.

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10 Benefits to Pursuing a Career in Nursing

Privilege to Help Others

One of the most important advantages of becoming a nurse is the rewarding nature of caring for others, as well as helping them achieve sound health and wellness. Nurses are majorly in the business of improving and saving lives as they help to shape the health, including the soundness of the individuals, families, and communities they are serving.

Many people who become nurses usually do so with the express purpose of giving compassionate and holistic care to people while saving lives in the process.

High Earning Potential

Per year, the national average salary for a registered nurse (RN) is about $75,330. This figure exceeds the yearly mean wage reported in 2019 by the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

However, even though many nurses do not go into the profession solely because of the high pay (they typically go into it because of their interest in healthcare), they still end up enjoying high salaries coupled with employer-sponsored benefits.

Opportunity to Choose Desired Area of Specialization

Nurses are usually granted access to a variety of specialization possibilities within their field. These possibilities help them to explore a wide range of options throughout their education and training to find a subfield that captures their interest and perfectly fits their needs.

Considering this level of career customization, having access to specialty options could increase your overall professional satisfaction as a nurse.

Continued Education Opportunities

While nurses do have the privilege to specialize in a particular subfield, the healthcare field does not stop shifting to include alternative approaches, new research, and innovative treatments that can help transform the way patients are being taken care of.

With this, nurses typically have to stay up to date on the trends of their field, which will enhance continuous learning of new things throughout their career/subfield.

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Travel Opportunities

Since nurses are in demand all over the world, nurses are consequently needed all over the world to care for ill and injured patients. Therefore, as a nurse, you can choose to work anywhere you desire to.

Moreover, if you enjoy traveling, the nursing career is a strong fit for you as you can be a travel nurse by trade. That is, you can always travel across countries and start work in new places every 13 weeks.

Flexible Schedules

Generally, becoming a nurse comes with a lot of flexibility, which is a significant benefit. You can choose to work on a full-time basis, a part-time basis, or even an on-call basis, depending on your place of work.

The average full-time schedule is a five-day, 8 hours per day work week (morning and afternoon shifts). Some healthcare employers always have their nurses work three 12-hour shifts per week, which is good if you don’t mind long workdays to have four consecutive days off.

This flexible scheduling grants nurses more personal and leisure time throughout the week.

Professional Recognition

Nurses commonly enjoy a particular level of professional recognition with admiration. This occurs through the extensive processes of licensing, which make nurses gain a professional status that gives them the right to practice in the field.

With this, people will be able to recognize their (nurses) professional legitimacy and typically conceptualize nurses as highly trained, competent, and trusted individuals.

Job Satisfaction

With professional recognition, fair rates of pay, flexibility, specialization opportunities, and other benefits that have been listed above, nurses often experience a high level of job satisfaction.

When you are satisfied with your career/job, you enjoy certain benefits such as improved productivity, reduced stress levels, positive workplace relationships, and increased overall happiness.

Privilege to Work With a Diverse Array of People

As a nurse, you will get the opportunity to work with different people daily, ranging from your colleagues to various patients. Depending on your workplace, you may also work with several doctors, specialists, and social workers, among other professionals.

Additionally, as a nurse, you would treat patients of various ages, cultural, ethnic, and gender demographics.

Defined Work Wardrobe

As a nurse, you would not always have to worry about the clothes to wear to your workplace, nor would you always have to bother about a new set of work clothes. Nurses already have a defined and simple work dress code which are scrubs and sneakers (or clogs)

Scrubs are generally so comfortable to wear that some people that are not into the profession even wear them as pajamas.

The Nursing Profession is Beautiful!

The benefits of pursuing a career in nursing mentioned above must have given you a perception of how beautiful the profession is, how much it can be trusted, and the positive outlook of the job. When it comes to honesty and ethical standards, the nursing profession has not lost its number 1 spot in the annual Gallup poll for about 20 years now and still counting.

Peradventure, you have been nursing the thought of becoming a nurse, but you keep having reservations. The benefits mentioned above should suffice to clear your doubts.