10 interesting facts about Dogecoin

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The world of finances, calculations, and risk assessments may not be interesting for everyone no matter how necessary it is. To get involved in something like this, many people prefer to make it interesting and fun for themselves. It is often the same for cryptocurrencies. Since the area is still fairly untapped, it can get a little intimidating for first-time investors. In this case, they are advised to start slow, at their own pace, and begin with investments into coins that are cheaper and less risky. 

The Dogecoin price is a very important metric for investors. It’s a good way to gauge the value of a coin, as it can tell you how much it’s worth in terms of other currencies.If you’re a new investor, this is the perfect way to get started in crypto! You can use the calculators to see how much you’d get. For example if dogecoin hit $1 calculator will estimate your profit in one click.

One of the best coins, to begin with, would be Dogecoin. It is one of the most appealing coins to newer investors primarily because of its origin – a meme. Many younger and enthusiastic investors seem to find a connection with DOGE as they believe that they have seen its inception and therefore, have been a part of its journey in some way. Also, Dogecoin to INR value is low which makes it a low-risk investment for many.

If you are new to cryptocurrency and investment and are looking to start, here are a few interesting facts about Dogecoin that can help you kickstart your journey:

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  1. It was created in only 2 hours – A coin that has erupted into the market and created a huge rise in market volume and sales was just created in 2 hours! All the creator needed to see was the meme and this coin was generated without any second thought. 
  2. Highest market price – Before beginning investing, you want to know the potential of a coin. The highest value that it touched was 0.74 dollars. This Dogecoin price would be 57.20 approximately. Even then, the prices are low enough for new investors to begin. 
  3. The dog on the logo is a Shiba Inu – Doge is a misspelling of the word ‘dog’ and interestingly, the logo carries the image of a Shiba Inu. Even though now Shiba Inu is another crypto in itself, Dogecoins still has its image.
  4. Biggest community – The DOGE community is the largest one in the crypto world and many people believe in the slogan ‘to the moon’ regarding the crypto prices. Their support and backing of this coin have led to its success.
  5. Social media – It is one of the coins that has grown because of social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. Elon Musk and other giants have publicly backed DOGE, increasing people’s faith in the coin. Even on TikTok, several DOGE-related challenges made the coin even more viral.
  6. Celebrity support – Apart from the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, other big celebrities have used Twitter to express their support for Dogecoin. Snoop Dogg, Kevin Jonas, and many other celebs have openly tweeted about dogecoin causing a flare in the prices. 
  7. Fastest Mining – From one account, around 98.98 Dogecoins can be mined in one single day! These numbers are super high and encouraging. If you are looking for a coin that has an interactive community and is fast in mining, DOGE would be perfect. 
  8. Business uses – It also has one other large-scale use, and that is in businesses. It has been recognized and accepted and is used in several business ventures. Dogecoin is being used as a reliable payment method. This could be due to the backing of an industrial giant and Tesla.
  9. Literally to the moon – A super interesting mission that Doge is associated with is SpaceX’s mission of a satellite launch. Fully funded by Dogecoin, a satellite called Doge-1 is said to be launched into space in 2022. Being the first crypto in space and the first meme in space is exciting. 
  10. Easily available and affordable – Of course, this is interesting as not many cryptos are considered affordable by the Indian population. Since DOGE is available on several different platforms and is a convenient purchase for most, its trading volume is high.

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Doesn’t the coin seem more appealing and increasingly interesting now? What are you waiting for? Investing in Dogecoin has never been easier. Join a reliable crypto exchange platform and make your deals and investments in this coin.