10 Reasons to Move to Louisiana

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Louisiana is the 31st largest state of the United States, located in the West South Central region of the mainland. Known for its ethnic diversity of French, Spanish, African-American, and Native American culture, Louisiana presents a fusion of culture, arts, cuisine, and architecture that is unlike any other in the US.

There’s a lot to love about Louisiana. It’s full of Creole & Cajun flavors, world-famous festivals, breathtaking architecture, and Southern hospitality. Louisiana is home to renowned places like New Orleans, Bayou, and Baton Rouge. A low cost of living and a diverse culture makes it one of the best places to live in the United States. 

Louisiana is heaven on earth for people who love sandy beaches, hot weather, and loads of fun! Have you been thinking about moving to Louisiana for a fresh start? Are you looking for a perfect place you can call home? Here’re the top 10 reasons to move to Louisiana: 

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Louisiana has a high production of agriculture and food, and petroleum production, making it one of the most affordable places to live in the US. The housing prices are the 5th-lowest in the country, while the cost of living index is below 87, compared to 100 in other parts of the country. On top of that, Louisiana has a low property tax rate, making it a hot spot for purchasing a property. 

People moving into Louisiana can take the advantage of renting storage units at extremely affordable prices till they find a suitable place to purchase or rent. Apart from major cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge, you can avail state-of-the-art storage units in smaller towns like Lake Charles, Memphis, and Shreveport. Lake Charles storage unit facilities like StrongPoint Self Storage provide 24-hour secure access to storage units, climate control, 24/7 video surveillance, online booking and payments, and various sizes for varying needs. 

Louisiana has the most affordable renting options in cities and towns for people who prefer to live on the go. Many experts believe renting a home in Louisiana is less expensive than buying one, with rental expenses as low as $600-$800. 

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  • Pleasant Weather All Year Long 

In Louisiana, the climate is humid subtropical, with hot and humid summers and mild winters. So when everyone is wearing jackets and coats up in the North, you can enjoy a sunny afternoon in shorts and scarves. A medium-hot summer with temperatures as high as 92°F and mild winters as low as 39°F creates ideal conditions for people who are not very fond of heavy snowfalls and extreme winters. 

The southern region gets a lot of rain, and the weather remains pleasant all year. If you live in Louisiana, you don’t have to wait through the long winter months to hit the beach and spike volleyball. The cities located in the Deep South often get lots of storms and hurricanes, while those in the North and northwest are considered safer from natural calamities.

  • Attractive Job Market

Louisiana is famous for its growing economy and attractive job market, particularly in industries like energy, agriculture, advanced manufacturing, seafood, biosciences, and aerospace. With a GDP crossing $227 billion, Louisiana’s job market is experiencing perpetual growth. The average annual income exceeds $55k, which means you can easily afford a luxurious life in Louisiana. 

  • Fun and Festivals

Louisiana is one of the most fun-filled places in the United States, with loads of events happening all year long. This is why Louisiana is named the “Festival Capital of America.” Its vibrant culture is one of the greatest attractions for people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Louisiana hosts the world-famous Mardi Gras annual event each year. Millions of tourists witness the street celebrations, parades, and fabulous floats. In late April and early May, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival attracts thousands of visitors as they bring the biggest names in music to the city. You can visit the 300-year-old French Quarter in New Orleans and enjoy street food, brunch spots, and late-night life. You can find the Cajun heritage, moss-covered trees, and wildlife in abundance in Louisiana’s bayous and swamps and enjoy a bowl of hot gumbo with delectably strong seafood flavors and fresh veggies. 

  • Loads of Sports Events

If you love sports, Louisiana is the place for you! People here love basketball, football, and baseball. You get to attend live events in New Orleans throughout the year. Shreveport is famous for its casinos, riverboat gambling, and horse racing. The state has many fantastic trails for bike riding and hiking in national parks, such as Hodges Gardens State Park, Lincoln Parish Park, Kisatchie National Forest, and more. Louisiana is known for its world-class boating, fishing, and hunting. 

  • Best Place for the Foodies

Louisiana’s food brings a perfect fusion of its cultural diversity. Creole and Cajun cooking, introduced by chef Paul Prudhomme has become a signature cuisine of Louisiana. You can taste magic on a plate at various eateries across the major cities and towns. Try some famous dishes such as gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, and boudin, or feast on red beans and rice. Treat your taste buds with a variety of mouth-watering desserts like King Cakes, pralines, beignets, and Bananas Foster. The abundance of seafood and fresh farm produce has resulted in a variety of shops and restaurants offering a rich menu filled with regional specialties and fast food. 

  • Live Music, and All for Free!

New Orleans is the jazz capital of the United States. Louisiana has a diverse musical heritage, including jazz, Cajun and Creole music, Zydeco, blues, and rock and roll. The best part is you can enjoy free live jazz at several places in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Bossier City. The cities also organize numerous musical nights and festivals where you can listen to nightly live music by some great artists at a fairly reasonable cost. 

  • Awe-Inspiring Architecture

This state is well known for its beautiful French-style homes and some of the oldest historical buildings in the United States, including the French Quarter and the State Capitol buildings in Baton Rouge. There has been a lot of praise for the style of architecture in New Orleans’ French Quarter since the early 1800s, and it is still relatively intact to this day.

  • Sandy Beaches 

Louisiana is home to some stunning white-sand beaches that outclass the famous beaches of other coastal areas. Cajun Riviera is among the most popular beaches in Louisiana. Apart from that, beach lovers also flock to North Beach on Lake Charles, the only white-sand beach stretching along the Gulf Coast inland. 

  • Quality Education

Louisiana has a diverse range of highly regarded universities and colleges located throughout the state, including the famous Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Thousands of students graduate from top-rated universities like The University of New Orleans, Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, McNeese State in Lake Charles, and Southern University in Baton Rouge each year in Louisiana. People who want to move to Louisiana with their families get a wide range of world-class education opportunities for their children. 

Final Thoughts

Louisiana is a paradise for people who love warm sunny days, a variety of food, loads of seafood, live music, and sandy beaches. The vibrant culture, perfect weather conditions, ethnic diversity, low cost of living, and entertainment opportunities make Louisiana one of the best places to live in the US. We hope the above list has assisted you in discovering all of the exciting aspects of Louisiana before relocating there.