10 Successful Ways of Keeping Your New House Safe: By Home Security Experts

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Written By Charlotte Miller

So, you got a new home. Perhaps you have moved in, or maybe that comes later. If it does come later, then congratulations: You are already thinking ahead, and that’s worth commending. 

But even if you have been living there for weeks or months, your mind is in the right place. Most people will go their whole lives without thinking about how to keep their homes safe. And for that reason, most people would suffer from a break-in if it ever happened to them.

You don’t have to do much to do a lot to keep your home safe, however. So, whether you are interested in getting home security systems from Smith Thompson, or if you just want some home security tips from the experts, we are here with 10 tips for keeping your new house safe.

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Find a Security System That Suits Your Style

When people think of security systems, they tend to imagine them as a single, monolithic thing. But like cars or clothes, security systems can be implemented in a number of different ways.

For instance, some security systems are going to be heavily programmable. These will allow you to set when they are on and what conditions trip their alarms. Others will decide all of that for you. Some will come with phone apps; others will be handled through a wall mount.

In short, there are lots of viable options for security systems. Do some research to find what is right for you.

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Invest in More Than Just Alarms

While most break-ins are thwarted by alarms, plenty can be or have been thwarted by other means. For instance, there have been break-ins that have been stopped in their tracks because a window was more durable than the burglar expected. 

Remember, most thieves will run at the first sign of trouble.

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Make Valuables Hard to Get

This seems obvious, but most people interpret it incorrectly. People will hear this tip and think they have to keep their valuables under tight lock and key. But remember how thieves run at the first sign of trouble? It is just as good for you to set your valuables inconveniently high up.

A safe is expensive and, for some people, impractical. But you do not need a safe to keep your valuables safe.

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Think About Your Wireless Network

One of the easiest ways to compromise a person’s security is through unsecured devices. This is more true the more advanced security systems you have. If you have a device that is not secured, whether it is because of a weak password or open Bluetooth connection, that opening can be used to infiltrate your whole network and steal tons of sensitive information.

Not to mention the fact that a skilled hacker can use it to simply turn off your security systems if they are integrated into your network (not all are for this reason). It is highly unlikely that such a thing will happen, but much more likely that an unsecured network becomes a problem.

Think About the Garage

Alarm systems will track movement around doors and windows because those are small enough that even slight movement can be interpreted accurately. Garage doors, on the other hand, will usually lack similar security due to their size and how much they move normally.

Some thieves (though not all) know this and exploit it to gain entry to homes. Garage doors can be pried open and entered. So, consider security measures around or within the garage.

Light Up Your Home

We just mentioned how security systems detect motion. Well, they cannot do that without light. Be sure that any security system you have is backed up with ample lighting, preferably directed at your home. This will mean that there are no shadows for a thief to hide in.

This will also contribute to a thief’s hesitancy to break into your home. It will make them uncomfortable to walk directly into harsh lights where they are visible for miles around.

Add Security Signs

We will come out and admit it: Most thieves report that they did not pay attention to security signs. And of those that even noticed them, many assumed them to be idle threats.

But do you want to know who does pay attention to security signs? Professional thieves. The thieves that are repeat offenders or are highly skilled pay attention to those sorts of warnings. That means by issuing one such warning, only unskilled thieves will even make an attempt.

Know Your Home Well

This is another obvious one, but it is easy to skip over if you find yourself in a new home and you find yourself managing a new problem every other day. It pays to know how many doors and windows you have, where they are, and what directions they face.

It is also good to know where good places to hide would be. Essentially, you should ask yourself, “If I were to break into my home, how would I do it?” 

Get a Dog

This is another case of “Thieves run away from everything.” More than half of all thieves interviewed said that they would avoid a house if it had a dog, or at least start running once the dog started barking. Now, that means almost half of thieves said the opposite. 

But what this really means is that if you already have a dog, that will contribute to security.

Get a Tall, Gated Fence

This is more important for the backyard than the front yard, but you can get one for the front yard if you want. A tall fence from the best fence company in whitestown will not only be harder for a thief to get over without being obvious, but it will also make it harder for them to see what your security inside the house is.


As you can probably tell, security is as much about deterrence as it is about prevention. It is good to lock your belongings up, but it is also good to make them hard to get to. However you plan to keep your home safe, we wish you the best of luck in the future. Stay safe.