10 Tips to keep in mind while designing a Logo

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Written By Charlotte Miller

We see hundreds if not thousands of well-known brands promoting their products/services or posting daily on social media, like Amazon, Microsoft, and PayPal, but what’s common among these big brands? Their easily recognizable logo. 

Keep reading if you are also looking for tips to create a great logo.

10 Tips to keep in mind while designing a Logo

  • Know your business well

Knowing your own business is the first step to creating a great logo. Next, you should know your target audience, their age group, and their interest. 

Once you have that information, you can create something that matches their energy. 

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  • Use logo maker for brainstorming ideas

Let’s say you’re designing a logo for your fashion brand. That logo will appear on your website, social media, and business card and may be on your clothes. And if you want changes in the design later, it would cost you a lot of money to replace the previous logo with a new one. 

In this case, try a fashion logo maker that will give you some ideas to start with. Then, you can try different colors and texts to get the idea.

  • Find creative ways to express your brand.

Look at the Adidas logo; it represents a mountain of challenges that must be overcome. And the hidden ’31’ in Baskin Robbins represents 31 flavors of the ice cream. 

You can also come up with similar ideas. Think about how you can express your brand and its operations creatively.

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  • Think of an evergreen design

You may think it’s cool to use trendy fonts and colors. It looks good, and yes, you can get some immediate attention but remember that trends change. This cool design will be outdated after some time, and you’ll need to redesign your logo again, which will cost you money and time. Therefore, create a logo that looks evergreen. 

  • Test different sizes

Apple.com has a very small logo on their website because they want you to focus on the center of the screen where they show their latest apple product. 

Decide the size of the logo and how it will look on different screens and surfaces, such as business cards, flyers, and t-shirts.

  • Try a black & white version of your logo.

You may be excited to try every color possible in your logo. But sometimes, just a monochrome logo does look good. 

While designing the logo, make a black & white version of it to check which ones look better. Also, sometimes you are required to use only the black & white version of the logo in newspapers and xerox copies.

  • Be careful in choosing typography.

You’ll need to choose typography if your logo includes text or a tagline. Choose the fonts wisely which look good on every screen.

There are so many big brands that use only text in their logos. Some created their own fonts, such as Twitter, Yahoo, and Coca-Cola. You can do similar; try designing your own fonts.

  • Be creative, and think out of the box.

Nike, FedEx, and Dell all have unique logos. We immediately remember who they are and what they do when we see their logos. You don’t need to show the exact product you sell in the logo.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something new that stays in peoples’ heads for a long time.

  • Keep it simple

When it comes to design, less is more. For example, the Coca-Cola logo is simple and minimal, but 94% of the world’s population recognizes it.

Do not overthink or make your design complex. We have many examples, such as Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and Chanel, showing people love plain and straightforward design.

  • Get inspired by other brands.

Although you shouldn’t copy other people’s logos, there is no harm in getting inspired by them. It will tell you the possibilities — what you can do with your logo and how wild you can go with it.


A logo is the first impression of any business. Many are times when potential customers judge the company from its logo. Therefore, investing some time and money to create a memorable logo that speaks for the brand is beneficial.