10 Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Motorised Outdoor Blinds

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Written By Berry Mathew

Do you have a dated outdoor space? Or is using your entertainment area dependent on good weather? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then this article is for you. 

Many local homeowners rely on the outdoor blinds Melbourne residents are using to enhance their outdoor spaces. And, it has to be said, few features can transform an entertainment space quite as much as the right set of blinds. And thanks to technology, they can now be motorised!

The Many Benefits of Motorised Blinds

When you’ve decided that you’re definitely going to add blinds to your space, the next big question you should consider is, motorised or manual. While modern advancements in design and materials mean that either choice will look stunning, it’s worth noting that motorised options have a few extra benefits. 

Our experts have compiled a few of the more significant reasons that highlight the charm of going motorised. 

  1. More Convenient

These days, just about everything works with a button, a remote or even an app to make it more convenient. With that in mind, why should you then waste time and energy trying to manually wind or unwind your blinds?

Blinds that work with a motor enable you to simply open and close the blinds with the simple touch of a button. While some rely on remote controls, others can be operated from a button in the wall near the blinds. What an easy way to close your blinds if strong winds are on the way or if there’s a sudden cloud burst!

  1. Can Accommodate Residential or Commercial Spaces

Automated blinds are an ideal option for both residential and commercial spaces. It has aesthetic value, so it won’t ruin your office space. In addition, they can be installed in out-of-reach areas where it may not always be advisable to add manual options such as roof spaces or atriums. So, almost any layout or building can benefit from these. 

  1. Disability Friendly

Another top benefit of opting for motorised blinds is that they’re disability friendly, since there’s no need for anyone to struggle with winding a heavy handle to get the blinds open or closed. 

Furthermore, the absence of ropes, chains and cords ensures that these types of blinds are also child safe. No risk of anyone getting accidentally tangled in a loose rope or cord!

  1. Creates a Year-Round Space

Adding motorised blinds allows you to use your space year-round. In the cooler or rainy months, you can simply keep the blinds closed, and you can use that space. For summer, keeping your blinds half closed during the day will also protect your outdoor furniture from harsh UV rays. 

  1. Streamlined Design Feature

Manual blinds that have ropes, cords and chains attached to them can seem cluttered and be unsightly in a minimalistic design. With a motorised option, you can easily create a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic. The streamlined appearance makes any space look more luxurious. 

  1. Energy Efficient

You can easily set your blinds to close at the hottest time of the day. Doing this will significantly lower the temperature indoors. This in turn will reduce the number of hours that you have to use your AC. Saving on your energy bill is always a welcome benefit, right? 

  1. Adds Additional Value to Your Home

Blinds of any kind tend to add value to a home’s resale price. The automated option together with folding arm awnings is considered luxurious and will instantly boost the value of your home and add an additional selling point. 

  1. Added Privacy

If the space you’re adding the blinds to faces the street or a nosy neighbour, the good news is that you can easily lower the blinds to mid-level. This will allow you to still enjoy the outdoors without feeling as though your privacy is being invaded. If you’re simply pressing a button somewhere in the house, you also won’t look like a crazy person hurriedly winding down your blinds to avoid the neighbours. 

  1. Can be Synchronised With Smart-Home Devices

If adding a few Smart-home features to your home is on your long-term goal list, installing automated blinds is an excellent place to start. Modern, automated blinds can easily be synchronised to work with any Smart-home device. 

For some models, this means you can preprogram your blinds to close at a certain time of the day. It’s as simple as controlling the blinds remotely from your smartphone. 

  1. Work as a Safety Feature

If you’re adding blinds to a larger window, opening and closing them can be quite challenging, since the mechanisms are high up. What if the ropes, chains or cords get stuck somewhere near the top of the blinds? This may require you to get up on a ladder or even use a reaching pole. There’s no need for any of this when you’re installing motorised blinds. No cords to get stuck or break!

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Final Thoughts

When you’re installing blinds, deciding which type to go for is a no-brainer. If you’re looking for convenience, safety, and energy efficiency then the motorised range is definitely the way to go. Add a touch of luxury to your space without the hassle!