12 Modern Interior Colour Combinations for 2022

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Forget about the old beige and brown neutrals! Interior design trends are moving in a more colourful direction. The past year has seen living rooms awash with vibrant shades of blue and green, bedrooms that look like they’ve been dipped in yellow and orange, and kitchens featuring red hues alongside white cabinets. 

Let’s look at the best colour combinations that you can use to switch up your space for every month of this year!

January- Blue and Yellow

Start the year with energy but strike the balance with blue. This is the perfect colour combination to begin the year with a positive note and fill your room with new year cheer!

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February- Pink with Orange

Lovely pink is warm and classy. Orange becomes a warming complementary shade to enhance the comforting bliss. Get relaxed in this perfectly soothing colour combination.

March- Peach and Green

A hint of spring with peach and green- welcome the warm season with floral colours. Play with patterns and custom made wallpaper to create a stunning look.

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April- Powder Blue with a tinge of Orange

Light blue gives a sense of airiness but orange gives the much-needed balance of warmth. Use this colour combination for April to create a unique and elegant space.

May- Bright Yellow with White

Fill your room with sunshine with this striking combination of yellow and white. The effect of summer is heightened with this cheerful colour combination that can fill any heart with smiles.

June- Mint Green with Marble White

Green is the colour of nature and calmness. Bring this colour in light mint shades to create a sparkling meadow effect in June with white accents.

July- Muddy Green and Brown

The understated and perfectly earthy, muddy green and brown colour palette reminds me of academia and all things vintage. Use this unique colour palette to stay in the bubble of comfort.

August- Deep Tan and Cardamom

As the season moves towards autumn, walls can imbibe the nature outside with tan colours. Use deep tan furniture with cardamom green accents to experience a new world. 

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September- Dusky Pink with Olive Green

Pink and green is the classic colour combination to strike the harmony between creativity and homeliness. Use this elegant colour combination and fill your home with new energy.

October- White on Beige

The cool breeze may have started already. Experience the power of neutral colours to feel a sense of newness in humbleness. Try white on beige to experience a lightness of mind and a complete state of bliss.

November- Black with Metallic Yellow

Give a touch of glamour to your space with this unforgettable colour combination. Black and metallic yellow can give the Midas touch to your home.

December- Purple Grape with Chocolate Brown

As the year ends and we wrap up important tasks, envelop yourself with some plum and chocolate. Try this creative colour combination to have the best delights of winter.

Try these fun colour combinations and experience a dynamic 2022!