3 Fashion Trends for Girls- How to Dress Based on Body Type?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Girls normally wish to look perfect and also unique. To have an aesthetic look, it is a must for girls to dress up as per the latest trends. Following some common stylish tips will make a girl look attractive. 

Wearing a dress based on the place of wearing is a must as it will affect the overall personality. Have you chosen the dress option? In that case, going for wholesale clothing is a reliable option as they sell high-quality clothes at a genuine rate.

Tips to Look Stylish

Work on Your Wardrobe

Having a reliable wardrobe is girls’ main focus in this fashionable world. Some common dress options are a must part of a wardrobe, including a black dress, a pair of jeans that have a nice fit, and a denim jacket. Having all the must options will help a girl to dress as per the latest trends.

Ensure to Have a Perfect Fit

A perfect fit is something that surely doubles the overall look and personality of the person who is wearing it. Ensure you have a good fit and comfort with the dress you wear. 

Try to get pants of accurate lengths as they are a must for having a good and better personality.

Make Perfect Combination of Colors

Choose a perfect combination of colors that will make the overall dress attractive. You can add a new dress look to your style and choose the jewelry and other essentials with the same. 

You can add a belt that will increase the look. Even wear clothes as per dress color, choose wholesale shoe vendors to get shoes as they sell quality shoes.

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Types of Body Shape

There are different body shapes for all human beings. There are some factors on which the shape of the body is based, like genetics, evolution, etc., and based on the type of body you have, you can choose the style of clothing that will be best.

Straight Body Shape

It is the shape that is like the supermodel. People are generally jealous of girls who have such a body type. Girls that have such a body type can wear all types of clothing. They generally look unique in the place.

  • In terms of Indian style, the girls can wear jacket styles or long Anarkali dresses. They look most beautiful in salwar suits. The necklines and the dressing styles include a collar, high necks, scoops, and the classic v-neck.
  • In formal terms, you can go for the chic dresses that are in black or the white paired option. Such people should avoid wearing loose clothes.

Pear Shaped Body

The girls that have pear-shaped body generally have the resemblance of the pear. They have narrow shoulders, large hips, and a small size bust. Such girls have an impressive look on the people who see them for the first time.

  • Wearing traditional and contemporary dresses suits a lot to such shaped people. They can even go for the saree made of georgette, synthetic material, and crepe.
  • Regarding Kurtis, they can wear the available ones with the high side slits and straight cut. Make sure to choose dresses that increase confidence.

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Apple Body Type

Slender legs and arms, a large bust, and round shoulders indicate that the person has an apple body shape. If you have such a body shape, you can also style yourself.

  • During special occasions, apple shape, people can pick empire-waisted full-length Anarkali dresses that are a must option in their wardrobe. Adding a dupatta to the dress is an advisable option.
  • In terms of sarees, you can go for the embroidered one that has a contrasting blouse with long sleeves.

If you choose the dresses based on the style of the body, then you will have an attractive look. The decision of dress must be taken after proper analysis.