3 Fun Live Event Entertainers Off the Beaten Path

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Entertainment is one of the most important parts of any event or party, catching the eyes and imagination of anyone attending.  Unfortunately, hiring entertainment can be an entirely different story.

With so many parties hiring the same boring entertainers: why not do something refreshing and different?  These are three live event entertainers that will set your party apart from the rest.  

Why Hire Unusual Event Entertainers?

Unusual event entertainers are skilled professionals who can use talents that the average person can’t.  They’re less seen and hired than the usual singer or musician, but they’re also more than entertaining and fun if you give them a chance.  

Hiring a less common entertainer gives you the opportunity to make your event as unique as they are and inspire guests to have fun and be a little silly as they interact with the entertainment at your event.  Everyone could use the chance to have fun and cut loose!

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Celebrity Impersonators 

Whether they look like them or not: celebrity impersonators are some of the best fun for any event.  Although they’re not as popular in recent years: it’s incredibly fun to watch them float through the event as a fun piece of the party.  Not only can they be fun to interact with, but many also double as singers, which makes these impersonators some of the most skilled entertainers you’ll find.

Drag Queens

We all love a great drag performance!  Drag queens have been climbing more into the public consciousness because of Rue Paul’s drag race, and although his show is debated on whether it’s good or bad for reputation: it’s been awesome for making people realize that drag queens are true performers at heart.

Hiring drag performers allows you to bring these larger-than-life personalities to your event and watch your guests have fun interacting with and watching them.

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Living Mermaids

Living mermaids are an awesome guest to hire if you’re throwing a party at an aquarium or poolside.  They go especially well with a pirate or nautical-themed party and are as graceful and fun to watch as the real thing.  Although you can hire these performers in singles, they’re more fun to hire in pairs, so you can see them interact and have fun swimming together.

If you want to pair these with other performers, consider hiring a pirate performer as well!  

What to Avoid

When hiring unusual entertainment, avoid hiring anyone that could endanger themselves or others during their act, like contortionists or acrobats, since you’ll be liable if anyone gets harmed.  

You should also avoid hiring anyone sight unseen or performance unwatched since this means you’re going in blind and could be hiring a fiasco that could ruin your party.  Hire people you can verify are skilled and know what they’re doing.

Every Party Could Use a Pinch Interesting

Intrigue and interest make any party better.  Make sure to go out of your way and hire someone who can keep your party thrilling and won’t leave your guests bored and leaving early.