3 Overrated Sales Hiring Traits

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Written By Charlotte Miller

It’s not just height that makes you more likely to be successful in basketball. It also takes brains and good coordination skills.

A great example of this idea is if a manager was hiring for their company, they would look at someone who has excellent image qualities as one aspect contributing towards success on the sales floor- which could lead them down an entirely different path when it comes time make decisions about future employees or promotions.

The correlation between height and basketball has been seen time after time. NBA players are usually taller than average, with some exceptions like Dirk Nowitzki who stands just 6 feet 9 inches tall in spite of playing for more than 20 seasons! Sales managers look at traits such as image when hiring new salespeople because they believe that successful people have fantastic images which contribute significantly towards success.

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It’s easy to see why hireability is so highly correlated with likability. It’s not just that hiring managers buy what they like, but if the salespeople are more liked by their peers than talented at selling products or services for others?

Hiring isn’t limited only in its scope of applicants; it also includes evaluating how much each person likes him/herself as well. This insight into human nature can help us understand some important things about successful employees: first off all , unlike some other qualities.

Experience (and hard data from our placements) shows that likeability correlates negatively with sales performance above a certain point. It is not uncommon to find exceptions to this rule in Account Management roles (farmer sales). An entire blog was devoted to the question, Is Likeability Overrated in Sales Hiring? If you’re interested, you can read it here.


It is the source of their energy that distinguishes extroverts from introverts. Interactions with other people provide it to extroverts, but too much can quickly deplete (and cause them pain). 

Introverted personalities often find comfort in solitude; however, life should also include enough socializing so as long as one does not go overboard, then all shall be well.

It would make sense that extroverts would be better suited for sales than introverts since extroverts gain energy from people. In terms of hiring managers, we have found that most prefer extroverted headhunters dfw over introverts.

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Sales professionals with the most attractive beauty rank highest in sales and it doesn’t seem to matter if their looks translate into a better performance. What’s more confusing is that some studies show an association, while others do not at all.

A 2012 study published by Social Psychological & Personality Science found “a direct link between physical attractiveness of salesman” meaning those who are good looking tend called on more often than unattractive counterparts.” A 2010 article from Inc also backs up this idea by saying “people find physically perfect-looking male