5 Best Audiobook Apps in 2022

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The practice of storytelling dates back to 36,000 ago, which can be found in the form of symbols and drawings. Later on, around 3,000 B.C the sounds were also added to the illustrations in hopes of making this art even more appealing. Today, we use several mediums to tell stories. But the auditory medium remains the favorite practice of almost every book lover. Listening to stories can be quite relaxing as it takes you away from your mundane routine to something exciting and magical. Therefore, audiobooks have gained massive popularity, especially in the last few years.

There are multiple reasons why people seem to gravitate towards audiobooks – they transport you to the world you’re reading about, save your time, and meanwhile, you can carry out your everyday tasks as well. In addition to this, audiobooks can be quite useful for people with visual impairment.

But in order to listen to the book on your TBR, you need to first get yourself an audiobook software that is both affordable and efficient. Therefore, we have put together a list of the 5 best audiobook apps you should check out to enhance your experience. 

However, to use these apps and download the audiobooks, you must get your hands on a high-speed internet connection, preferably one with unlimited data allowance so you don’t run out of data while downloading all these books. If you ask for our recommendation, then we would suggest you look for Spectrum in your area. This Internet Service Provider delivers blazingfast speed, and stable connectivity, and that too without any data limits. For more information, you can visit Spectrum Internet promociones to know about the speeds, prices, and other features. 

Now that you are all set to download the audiobook app and listen to your favorite stories, let us walk you through the list.

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Price: $7.95/month (Audible Plus)

Audible is the Netflix of audiobook apps. It is, hands down, one of the major platforms you can use to listen to your favorite authors. Audible has an extensive library consisting of more than 470,000 titles and the number is certainly going to increase since it is now owned by Amazon. 

The app is available for both iOS and Android users. Audible offers tons of features such as; smooth chapter navigation, sleep mode, bookmarks, background playback with ease of changing up speed, and the option to download the book. 

In addition to this, the fact that Audible is owned by Amazon, you can definitely take advantage of many extra features, especially if you are an Amazon Prime member. You can get two free credits after starting the Premium Plus trial. Not only this, but you can also listen to your audiobooks through Amazon Echo, or Echo dot by connecting Audible with Alexa.  

  • Apple Books 

Price: Free

If you are an iOS user, then you might have stumbled upon this app in Apple App Store. It caters to book lovers of all sorts. You can get eBooks as well as audiobooks of your choice. Apple Books is user-friendly primarily due to its simple interface that lets you peruse different books with ease. 

Moreover, you can also download audiobooks for free. Some of them are available in the public domain while some have been uploaded for promotional purposes. In addition to this, Apple Books also allows you to listen to the preview first, and then you can decide if you want to purchase the book or not. 

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  • Audiobooks.com

Price: $14.95/month

Audiobooks.com may not be as popular as the other major audiobook platforms, yet it offers plenty of impressive features. The app prides itself in housing over 300,000 books out of which, 10,000 are available for free. 

Moreover, before purchasing any book, you can simply listen to its ten-minute sample for free to get a clear idea of whether you want to go ahead with the payment or keep browsing for more options. In addition to the audiobooks, this app also includes podcasts and a small collection of audio you can listen to while sleeping and meditating. 

The Audiobooks.com app has several features such as; automatic bookmarking, a sleep timer, variable playback speed, and many more. 

You can easily download it on both Android and iOS devices. 

  • Kobo 

Price: $9.99/month

Kobo includes an amazing collection of both eBooks and audiobooks in its digital library. It started off as Kobo eReader (hardware) back in 2010. However, you can still find Rakuten Kobo in the market but the company’s app has rather become more popular since both Android and iOS users can download it and take advantage of its over six million eBooks and audiobooks. 

Kobo’s audiobook player includes features like time skip buttons, variable playback speed, and a timeline scrubber bar, among many more. Furthermore, Kobo offers interesting categories like, “Audiobooks that will change your life”, “Exciting audiobooks for kids”, and more.

  • Nook

Price: $14.99

The thought of taking a trip to Barnes & Noble excites every reader. But what if it comes to you? Nook is a standalone audiobook and eBook app of Barnes & Noble. Similar to the popular bookstore, Nook includes a massive collection of books that go up to 75,000 (paid). In addition to this, the app also has a separate section of more than 10,000 books that are free to download.

You can download this app on your android and iOS devices and listen through the apps. Or if you have a NOOK device, then you can sync up the app with your e-reader and listen to all your audiobooks on this B&N device. 

Wrapping Up 

Audiobook apps are super useful and handy. You can lie down, plug in your headsets, hit the play button, and take a journey anywhere in the world. Additionally, if done perfectly, the narration makes the whole experience even more enthralling. 

Therefore, check out the apps we have mentioned in this article and start listening to your favorite audiobooks. The plus point is, you won’t be spending much on your next book shopping spree.