5 Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites (Free and Paid)

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It’s risky to answer calls from unknown numbers because of the possibility of fraud. Ignoring such calls, however, might mean missing out on chances, customers, or other critical information. Thankfully, reverse phone search has made it possible to identify unknown callers.

Your phone will almost surely ring with unknown calls. Today’s phone scams are more elaborate and hard to spot than ever before. Whether you want to avoid getting scam calls, try to reconnect with a long-lost acquaintance, or meet a stranger, a background screening service is a comprehensive way to acquire the necessary information.

It can be challenging to choose the best reverse phone search company on the market. These days, the Internet offers a plethora of services at no cost to users. However, not every one of them provides trustworthy results or practical functions. In light of this need, we have compiled a list of the best five free reverse phone lookup services that also allow you to search by name.

  1. USPhoneSearch – finding out essential details about a person or company is as simple as checking their phone number.
  2. NumLooker – provides a phone tracking service, accessible through the site’s sophisticated capabilities and well-researched searches.
  3. USPhoneLookup – easy to find information about a phone number by using its intuitive interface and extensive database
  4. TheNumberLookup – a cheap reverse phone lookup tool that does public records search, to find out who that person is
  5. Instant Checkmate –  have a strong database that holds information about all of them. 

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This tool is a one-stop shop, built for fast and accurate reverse phone lookups and people searches without wasting time. An exhaustive database is used, and the service is provided at no cost to the user. All of the data here comes from trustworthy sources. Its user-friendliness and efficiency make it useful for doing effective phone lookups.

Finding out essential details about a person or company is as simple as checking their phone number. To find the people who are linked to a phone number, free reverse phone search software like USPhoneSearch leverages data from social media, messaging apps, and public databases.

 It’s particularly useful when trying to verify the legitimacy of a suspicious contact or identify a threatening caller.


  • Databases come in many forms.
  • Contains Common Area Codes
  • Creates Trustworthy Results


  • Poor performance

Try Out The Top-Rated Service Available In The US Through USPhoneSearch. 



This site is constantly updated to provide its readers with the most recent and relevant content possible. It uses both publicly available data and private information, such as unlisted numbers found on the dark web, in addition to registered phone numbers. Clients get results quickly, unlike with competing services.

A guarantee of privacy is included in a straightforward procedure. Simply enter the number you want to look up and hit the “Search Now” button. In a matter of seconds, you will get a comprehensive report, including the owner’s information. This is a great tool for spotting suspicious callers, potential crooks, and unwanted spam.

NumLooker has shown itself to be the best application available, as seen by a large number of satisfied clients. The website also provides a phone tracking service, accessible through the site’s sophisticated capabilities and well-researched searches. Public record searches, background checks, a person searches, and address and email lookups may all be completed on one single website.

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  • Confidentiality 
  • Efficiency 
  • Latest Data provision 
  • Cost-effectiveness


  • Selected Unlisted Phone Number Details
  • Anyone Can Look You Up 
  • Check out Numlooker’s helpful tools at no cost.

To Take Advantage Of All NumLooker Has To Offer, Click Here.


US Phone Lookup makes it easy to find information about a phone number by using its intuitive interface and extensive database. When you search for a phone number, address, person, or email using US Phone Lookup, you’ll have access to the most up-to-date public data available.


  • Available for no cost
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Track down the accounts on social media


  • Isolated in the United States alone.

Check out USPhoneLookup right now to get first-rate services and support.


With Information.com, you’ll find out everything you need to do with just one quick, simple search. Its reverse phone lookup tool pulls from all available public records, so you’ll find out a caller’s name, address history, other phone numbers, email addresses, marriage records, and even their criminal records. They keep their data painstakingly updated, so you can feel confident in their results.

Even better, Information.com goes beyond the standard public records and will also search for all online profiles that are connected with the phone number you’re looking up  – as well as profiles connected to any alternate phone numbers. This means you can find if someone is on social media sites, like Facebook or Instagram, or even if they have a hidden dating profile on a secondary phone.Information.com makes it easy to know more about the people in your life, but their reverse phone lookup can also keep you safe. If you get a call from an unknown

number, you can quickly look them up and know exactly who they are, what scam they may be up to, and how you can block them on all of their numbers.


  • Constantly updated public records and online database
  • Features a blog with advice on staying safe online and using phone lookup tools
  • Search is easy to perform, and they have a customer service team if you have any questions


  • Information.com isn’t free, though you do get unlimited searches when you sign up for a reasonably priced subscription

Visit Information.com today to try the most thorough and up-to-date phone lookup tool online.

The NumberLookup 

If you have a phone number and want to find out who owns it, you may use TheNumberLookup, a cheap reverse phone lookup tool that does a public records search, to find out who that person is. If you’re looking for up-to-date information on a contact number, this site regularly refreshes its database to reflect any changes. Even a complete novice can use this site to search for any phone number since it is made with the user in mind. It’s also worth noting that the business works within the bounds set by legislation and federal laws, so you shouldn’t run into any trouble.

Users may do a reverse phone number search and get comprehensive results, including the owner’s original name, location, profiles on social media, family members, and history. In sum, with just a single click, Number Lookup provides you with completely free, highly specialized, and intuitive phone search services.


  • Extensive Database 
  • Excellent Customer Service 
  • In-depth reports 
  • Intuitive Design 


  • Lag in loading website pages 
  • Premium features are restricted to paid customers 

By Clicking Here, You’ll Be Sent To NumberLookup’s Premium Features.

Instant Checkmate

Quick Checkmate, one of the most popular reverse search websites in the US, comes up next. There are billions of people in the United States, and Instant Checkmate does have a strong database that holds information about all of them. The Internet has made it possible to quickly and easily look up a person’s background and history using only their contact information.

In a pinch, you may use Quick Checkmate to quickly lookup a phone number and find out relevant information. The website does more than just reverse phone lookups; it also provides additional services like pre-employment screening, email lookups, and even police record searches.


  • Comprehensive international reverse phone directory
  • Open access to a plethora of public documents.
  • Reports that you may tweak to your liking
  • Improved search refinement tools
  • Searchers’ identities will never be revealed.


  • Costly membership
  • The assistance center is open Monday–Friday.

Get More Information About Quick Checkmate By Going To Their Website.

Considerations for Choosing a Reliable Reverse Phone Lookup Service.

These businesses cater to a wide range of customers, including business owners, landlords, and regular people. Reverse phone number lookups ought to provide the data you want.

  • Data precision and quality are essential criteria to consider while deciding on a supplier. Use the services of a business that specializes in reverse phone lookups and has a solid track record of providing accurate results.
  • When deciding on a provider for a phone search service, excellent customer support should be a top priority. Providing excellent service to customers may make or break a company’s image.
  • Make careful to weigh the benefits of the background check against the associated expenses before moving forward with the process. Several services, even free trials, include cancellation fees.


You won’t need to field bothersome phone calls or wonder whether a certain cousin is still alive. The Internet has a centralized wealth of public data and other information sources, allowing anybody to conduct their investigation with only a few mouse clicks.