5 Eco-Friendly Habits That Can Save You Money

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Written By Berry Mathew

Being more mindful of environmental problems is important nowadays. Many start forgetting about how important it is to protect our world, in this fast-paced world. To ensure that the earth can sustain itself for a long time, even after generations after us, swapping our current lifestyle with a more eco-friendly one is important!

Apart from protecting the environment, an eco-friendly lifestyle provides many other benefits for those who implement it! One of which is being more economical, and thus able to help save money better than before. Keep on reading to know more about what are the simple habits of an environmentally friendly lifestyle that can help you to save money!

  1. Save electrical energy

The first eco-friendly or go green lifestyle that can be done easily at home is by saving electricity. You can save electricity by doing some of these things, from unplugging the cable when the device is not in use, using LED lights instead of regular lights, and limiting your air conditioner time usage. Turning on the lights as needed also provides benefits in saving costs and electrical energy.  Make sure you turn off the lights when the room is not in use. This habit will certainly have a positive impact if you do it consistently.

There are many benefits of trying to live sustainably by saving electrical energy, but the most important benefit is that it can help you save on electricity costs, thus you do not have to spend money too much every month.

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  1. Use your own water bottle

One of the biggest wastes that pollute the environment from the tops of the mountains to the middle of the oceans is single-use plastic bottles and drinking cups.  To help reduce it, start committing to bring your own water bottle. With this new habit, you no longer need to buy mineral water when traveling, which will automatically save your daily budget. After all, single-use mineral water bottles add millions of tons of plastic waste that pollutes the environment. By using your own drinking bottles, you can save expenses while contributing to reducing plastic waste.  

On top of that, research also proves that people who diligently carry their drinking bottles will usually drink more and more water every day, with long-term health benefits. This tip is very easy and simple to do, but the impact is really big for every aspect of life.

  1. Bring your own shopping bag

Plastic bags are not very environmentally friendly to utilize, because they cannot be reused. Plastic bags are also one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste, which is difficult to decompose. Nowadays many places have banned the use of plastic bags, thus many convenience stores have also implemented rules to stop providing plastic bags. Instead, they provide reusable bags to purchase for people who forget to bring their own shopping bags. This

Instead of spending money to keep buying cloth shopping bags from the convenience store you visit, don’t forget to always bring your shopping bag from now on. Put one that can be folded easily inside your bag, thus when suddenly you want to shop, you won’t have to worry and end up buying another shopping bag.

  1. Stop using plastic straws

Have you seen the viral photo where a fish swims over a coral reef covered in trash, with dozens of straws floating around it?  Plastic straws are only used once, then thrown away and pollute the ecosystem for hundreds of years because they don’t decompose easily. 

Thus, from now on stop using plastic straws and remind people around you to do the same. If you still want to use straws, replace plastic straws with ones made from environmentally friendly materials, such as cardboard, bamboo, or even stainless steel. Having a reusable straw can be useful, especially as now more and more restaurants are participating in the plastic straw-free movement.

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  1. Switch to cloth pads or menstrual cups

For women, cloth sanitary napkins and menstrual cups are claimed to be much more economical than conventional sanitary napkins because they are reusable products, so you don’t have to buy them every month. Even menstrual cups can be used for up to 10 years. In addition, cloth pads and menstrual cups are also considered better in terms of health because they do not contain harmful chemical compounds like those contained in conventional pads. Girls, it’s better to right away swap your pads for a more sustainable and healthy option such as cloth pads or menstrual cups.

Living sustainably is not as hard as you might think it is. Swapping some of your habits with a newer one that is more mindful of the environment, can help to protect the earth as well as be more economical. 

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