5 Essay Hooks That Grab The Reader’S Attention Immediately

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Writing an essay takes various amounts of things to ensure that it is presentable and readable to people. Hence, writers make sure that they write in such a fashion that it can keep readers interested and make them read the whole thing.

In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t have time to read the whole thing; they go through and try to figure out what’s written. Therefore, a reader must include a hook sentence to grab the reader’s attention.

Writers who know how to add a hook to the essay are an artist, as they create a roadmap for the reader to go through the article. That is why today, professors insist students include hook sentences to make the paper more appealing and interesting.

Today we will help you include the hook sentence to ease your struggles and create a flawless piece of long text.

So, let’s know about them in the next segment –

Different Types Of Hook Sentences

The secret to writing a good essay lies in the quality of the hook sentences you include in the introduction. Hook sentences are like punch lines that make an essay a fun read. For this, you must be creative. Maybe like Micheal Scott, or you can at least dream of it.

Here are a few types of hook sentences. You can gently slide your essay (it is the one that knocks!) –

Interesting Question Hook

This is something you can look to include in the essay. It will increase the readability of your article. Adding an interesting question hook, you can ask a question related to your paper. This will ensure that the reader gets the answer they have to read the whole article.

Hence, you will be forcing your professor to read the whole paper.

You have to trigger the curiosity of readers, which will compel them to read and learn about the content. However, you must ensure that the question is relevant to the topic and it is something the reader would like to know about.

Thus, be extremely cautious when you are thinking of a question as a hook.

For example, if your topic concerns college students, you can add a hook like “Why are universities stressing on alumni to help students regarding courses?”

The Quotation Hook

This is something I loved to add when I was in college, as it showcased the idea of what the present essay is all about. Further, it is a good way for beginners to learn about adding hook sentences in the essay.

However, before you add it, ensure it is connected with the topic and the content you will include in the essay. Further, ensure that you quote the sentences and do not miss out on any words.

For a beginner, look to add quotes from famous personalities, as they are recognizable to the reader, especially to the professor.

Strong Statement Hook

In his Punk Sociology, David Beer addressed the significance of students needing to make bold statements and then try to add facts to prove them right.

Consequently, you can begin your essay with a hook sentence that makes a strong statement. It should be something that will make you add facts to prove the line you said right.

It is a good way of challenging students to choose a statement and then try to defend it throughout the essay. It can be anything like “Brexit is the leading reason for the rising mortgage rate in the UK,” and then you add relevant statistics and facts to prove it.

However, making a statement based on the relevant topic will be wise. Further, it can work as the thesis statement, which will make the writing more interesting to write and also read.

Note: Allowing students to add strong, assertive sentences will make the academics interesting and fun for modern students to enroll in.

The Statistic Hook

If you don’t like the other two options, you can go for statistics or some random fact to start your essay. It will light the way for the reader to figure out what the article will bring to them.

Adding a fact as a hook gives a slight indication to the reader of what the article will present to them. This way, you can make a good impression on the professor or the reader with the knowledge you include at the start of the essay.

In the meantime, you must ensure that the fact is taken from a credible source. You can’t include a stat from Wikipedia or a random blog.

Rather, you can choose government websites or news articles, peer-reviewed articles and journals, and information from an authorized organization.

The Metaphor Or Simple Hook

The metaphor or simple hook is an interesting choice to make readers think about the essay. It is something you take from figures of speech and look to insert it into the essay.

This is an interesting way to make the essay look different and make readers think a while before they read it. It will ask them why you made such a comparison and what is the relation of a sentence with the topic.

Further, you can also use similes to add hook sentences to the essay. It basically compares two objects, which showcases that there is a connection between them.

Additionally, it is another way of increasing the quality of your essay, which will fetch you good grades in the semester.

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Writing Is An Art

Writing a good essay is an art. You have to be really good at making a compelling piece of text for readers to read the article. Therefore, you should add tips and tricks that increase the essay’s uniqueness and quality.

Further, you can include a story and descriptive hook, as it is an interesting and modern way to make readers stay on their toes while reading the text.