5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Medical License Defense Attorney

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Medical professionals face legal pressure and risk. According to the Medical Malpractice Center in the USA, 15,000-19,000 people file malpractice complaints against doctors yearly. Being shut down due to a medical license investigation is the worst thing for a medical practitioner. It may indicate the end of your career as a physician and financial ruin.

Be careful if you want to hire a medical license defense attorney to represent you before the Medical Board. Many “quick fix” lawyers will take your money but provide little value in return. Hiring a medical license defense attorney versed in medical malpractice saves you from losing your medical license. Visit the toplawyer.law website to learn more about how an experienced medical license defense attorney can help you.

5 Questions You Need to Ask a Lawyer Before Hiring Them

What Experience Do You Have in Handling Medical License Cases?

Legal cases are specialized by subject matter; your potential attorney must have experience handling medical license defense cases. The more experience they have, the better they will represent you. Your attorney must also understand the laws in your state related to these cases to make an informed decision about the defense strategy.

For example, if accused of negligence, a lawyer who has successfully defended these cases has a high chance of winning yours. If you’re being sued for a wrongful death or malpractice claim, your attorney must have experience with such lawsuits.

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What Kind of Payment Plans Do You Offer?

Ask your potential attorney what payment plans they offer and get quotes on each plan or the minimum monthly payment. Also, ask them if they have discounts for first-time clients or if additional discounts are available for a longer contract.

Some attorneys offer payment plans that allow you to pay your expenses monthly. Another option is the contingency fee agreement. The attorney won’t charge money upfront but will take a percentage of whatever they win for you. However, if they lose your case, they don’t get paid.

Do You Have References I Can Check?

References help you see the work an attorney has done in the past. They help you understand your options and decide whether or not hiring this specific attorney is correct. Ask for 3-5 clients who used their services, and you can speak with them.

Also, ask for client reviews on their website and any awards or recognition they’ve received. If the attorney doesn’t have references, they might not be as experienced.

What are Your Successful Outcomes?

The attorney should provide examples of successful cases in which they helped doctors defend themselves against allegations made by medical boards or agencies seeking to revoke their licenses. They should also explain how they achieved these outcomes, the evidence they used during trials and hearings, and any information that may help you understand how they work with clients facing similar issues.

How is Your Workload?

You must understand the attorney’s schedule and how they plan on handling your case. You need a medical license attorney with the time and resources to give you individualized attention. For example, look elsewhere if you’re negotiating with an attorney with a heavy caseload or someone who’s taking on more clients than they can handle.

Also, ask how they communicate with clients. For example, if you want to be updated on the status of your case, ask how often they’ll contact you by email, phone call, or text and what information they’ll give you.

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Asking Questions Will Help You Get the Best Medical License Defense Attorney

Medical license defense attorneys handle many practice areas, from pharmaceutical patents to corporate compliance. Asking the appropriate questions when interviewing an attorney will help you find the best one. To make the best decision, research and find out about the attorney before deciding whether to hire them.

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