5 Quick File Sharing Benefits You Should Know About

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Written By Charlotte Miller

With the recent shift of physical office work and schooling to the online world, many students and workers got involved with frequent file sharing. It isn’t surprising as it is perhaps the only convenient way to submit school and company projects to their teachers and colleagues. One of the most popular tools that they typically use is email. 

Email meets an individual’s demands in communication and file sharing. After all, you can compose a message while attaching a document, which you can simultaneously deliver to your chosen recipient. However, one drawback that email cannot improve on, at least for now, is that they can’t handle large files. Hence, people always ask if there are other ways to conduct file sharing for huge-sized files.

What are online file sharing tools?

As simple as the name implies, file-sharing tools are things that you can use to send documents and other types of media to other people. The question that you might genuinely want to ask is, how do they differ from email? Their fundamental difference lies in their file size capacity. Unlike email, which has a predetermined file size cap, these tools allow you to send large files.

Which tool should I use?

There are many tools that you can use if you take a cursory look at your web browser. However, if you genuinely want to experience the epitome of convenience, you should opt for GogoPDF’s share document tool. It is a free online web-based tool that you can use to send files as big as 5 gigabytes to others. Read below to know how you can use this tool. 

  1. Visit GogoPDF.
  2. Upload your selected file.
  3. Click Share file.
  4. GogoPDF will generate a download link for you.
  5. Simply copy the link and paste it into an email with your personalized message, and send it!

What advantages would I get from file sharing?

There are many advantages that you can get if you can share your files with others, especially if it involves collaboration. Many people face problems because of delays that happen due to issues like being unable to send a file on time or not at all. Let’s discuss five reasons why you should use file-sharing tools like GogoPDF’s share document tool.

  1. Saves time and eases collaboration

For instance, let’s say that you are a student and another five people are in the same group as you. You have to work on a particular project that may involve large files. One of your groupmates volunteered to compile all of your parts, and they expect to receive your parts two days ahead of the deadline.

If you can share your file quickly without the problem of file size cap, you can ensure that your group will face no issues in submission. Furthermore, you can reach out to others if there’s something that needs editing and such. It improves collaboration in a sense, right? It can also save you a lot of time since you can send the file in one go despite the size. 

  1. Increases productivity

Now that you’ve saved a lot of time from quickly sharing your file, you now have a lot left to spend on other things. You can use your time for leisure, indeed. However, if you choose to work on other matters like pending projects or enhance your skills, this will translate to spending your time cleverly!

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  1. Flexible

Think about this. Being able to work anywhere and share your files with someone from your current location, isn’t that really flexible? That’s what’s happening right now during the pandemic, by the way, so it may not have much appeal to you. But, for those who are frequently traveling, going from place to place, accessible file-sharing will be convenient.

  1. Convenient

Talking about flexibility, you can use the “send and receive from anywhere” feature of file sharing when dealing with contracts and information exchange. This way, you can save money from going to a meetup place, plus the time and effort that you could’ve possibly spent unnecessarily. 

  1. Faster progress

With the cut time, flexible access, convenience in places, and increased productivity, you can achieve faster progress. You can finish more work and take a massive load off your back! It’s a significant boon for you since you can now take a little time off to rest and relax your mind. 

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Indeed, file sharing is crucial presently due to the presence of COVID-19. Most people worldwide work from their homes and attend online classes. They will have to send files online through email and file-sharing tools at some point. After all, progress is necessary. 

When it comes to sharing your files, you might find your email quite annoying as it cannot handle large files. In case that happens, you have GogoPDF’s share document tool on your back. Take advantage of these five benefits that you can get by using file-sharing tools online now