5 Things to Expect in an Addict’s Individualized Treatment Program

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Treating addiction dictates that you find the right avenue to utilize it. Enrolling an addiction treatment plan is the best avenue to use. Apart from getting quality medical care, a patient gets individualized treatment. An individualized treatment plan makes addressing the patient’s immediate needs and finding a long-lasting solution easier. But what does an individualized treatment program entail? Here are the things to expect once you start to undergo the program.

Addressing Physical Health Concerns

It is important to address the physical symptoms to increase the chances of achieving recovery. When you consider an individualized treatment program, you should expect treatment steps that aim at addressing physical health concerns. It is crucial to outline the physical concerns to develop a proper treatment plan in the end. The individualized treatment program has a diagnosis of malnutrition, physical wounds, and other related health issues. Addressing physical health concerns becomes vital in improving the patient’s chances of achieving a full recovery.

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Medication Therapy

Effective medication plays an integral part in the addiction treatment process. With proper medication, going through the treatment and recovery process becomes easier. When you enroll in an individualized treatment program, you should expect to go through medical therapy. This is important as finding the right medication helps address immediate and long-term recovery concerns. Medication therapy is also vital in a patient struggling with withdrawal symptoms. Note that after detoxification, handling the withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. The process, however, becomes bearable and beneficial when a patient undergoes medication therapy.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

You should understand that several factors can complicate the addiction treatment process. It is beneficial to understand these factors and address them well. When you consider an individualized treatment program, expect to receive dual diagnosis treatment. Note that the principle of dual diagnosis treatment is to address both the physical and medical health issues that the patient exhibits. Dual diagnosis helps outline the relationship between physical and mental health issues and addiction to develop an effective treatment plan. The chances of a patient achieving full recovery are higher when they address the present physical and mental health issues.

Patient and Family Counseling

As much as addiction primarily affects the patient, their families and loved ones are affected too. The effects of addiction can be detrimental to any family. It is, however, important for the patient to receive support from their families in the recovery process. An individualized treatment program that entails patient and family counseling is vital as it contributes to the recovery and healing process. This is also an opportunity for the family to gain more knowledge about addiction and understand how their efforts can be helpful in the long run. Family counselors and therapists bring the patients and other members together in the treatment and recovery process.

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Aftercare Services

An individualized treatment program includes an effective aftercare service. Note that recovery is a process, and you need care and attention even after getting discharged from the rehab facility. A recovering addict finds it easier to settle back in the community through aftercare services. They get support and proper guidance through aftercare services on the recovery journey. Effective individualized treatment programs highlight what to expect in aftercare services. You need the information to get the most from aftercare services. You should research to learn more about Infinite Recovery and the treatment programs to understand how aftercare services can benefit your addiction recovery process.

Treating addiction can be a long and overwhelming journey. The patients and their families need care and support to achieve their objectives. This becomes possible when you enroll in a rehab facility that offers individualized treatment programs. You can see the impact of individualized addiction treatment programs from the services you receive and the positive changes in the recovery journey.