5 Tips to Plan a Fun and Entertaining Family Trip

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Written By Berry Mathew

Picture this scene: You and your loved ones gathered at a breathtaking location, booming with unique activities and attractions. The little ones are scampering around hand in hand, cherishing every moment of their carefree childhood, while the teenagers capture every memory with their cameras and soak up the excitement. The adults are bathing peacefully in the natural hot spring of Krossneslaug while relishing their favorite beverages, savoring their surroundings’ beauty, sights, and sounds, and reveling in well-deserved relaxation.

There’s no stress or worries, only fun and togetherness. Everyone beams with happiness and anticipation for the next adventure. 

Although it may seem like a far-fetched fantasy, organizing an unforgettable family getaway packed with endless amusement is possible. The key is choosing a location that excites and engages every family member and provides the perfect balance of activities and relaxation. 

Explore Branson, Missouri – The Perfect Adventure for the Whole Family

While plenty of spots within the United States can cater to a diverse and multi-generational family, none compares to Live Entertainment Capital of the World: Branson, Missouri.

Whether you’re up for an outdoor escapade, a cultural encounter, heart-pounding thrills, a calm getaway into nature, or simply some good old-fashioned fun, you’ll find everything in this lively, majestic, and family-oriented destination.

Make sure to experience the best of entertainment in Branson at Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction and have a blast with your family. You’ll be entranced with awe-inspiring live shows, world-class musical performances, exciting attractions, and delicious dining. Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction is a place like no other, offering visitors of all ages a memorable experience with a delicious four-course feast. 

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So, if you’re thinking about how to plan the perfect Branson holiday or just any family trip in general, follow these tips to have a great time:

  • Set a Realistic Budget 

You don’t want to reach the location and find out you need more money to enjoy the attractions or the activities you planned on doing. Or you’ve saved enough but forgot to plan the distribution of funds, so now you’re facing a financial dilemma.

Setting a budget before you start planning and sticking to it will help ensure your trip is as stress-free as possible. Consider all the costs of your trip, including transportation, lodging, food, entertainment, and any other activity you plan on doing.

Avoid using credit cards while traveling – the interest rates and fees can add up quickly and strain your budget. Lastly, avail all discounts and rewards you may qualify for. Whether through the air, hotel points, or loyalty programs, there are plenty of ways to save money.

  • Know Your Group

Each family member may have different preferences and expectations. If you don’t consider them, it can cause disagreements and result in a ruined vacation, especially when traveling with children who may need more attention and care.

Therefore, plan and discuss all the necessary details and expectations with everyone involved before departing on the trip. Start by asking your kids what adventures they dream of or what meals they crave. Then, sit down with the elders and get their take on what kind of vacation vibe they’re after – is it all about unwinding or exploring every nook and cranny of the destination? Of course, you’ll want to hit all the big-ticket attractions, but don’t forget to make time for impromptu moments of fun and discovery.

Lastly, share the responsibility of planning and organizing the vacation. Assign tasks to each member to keep everything on track and make everyone feel included.

  • Pack Only the Essentials

Although it’s tempting to pack your entire wardrobe, try to be strategic and pack only the essentials.

Consider the activities you’d be doing, the local weather, and the errands you’d be running, and pack accordingly. For example, bring the proper gear and clothing if you plan to go hiking and kayaking. Pack light and versatile pieces if you’re only spending a few days in the city.

Additionally, pack all necessary toiletries, electronics, and other items that are essential for your trip. Keep a travel health kit handy, including hand sanitizer, bandages, and medication for worry-free travels. Make sure you have separate bags for each family member so that it’s easier to keep track of everyone’s belongings.

Most importantly, how you pack your suitcase makes a difference too. Use packing cubes, traveling bags, and other clever solutions to maximize your limited space. Roll your clothes to save space, and put the heavier items at the bottom. Try to categorize as much as possible and designate separate spaces for your valuables.

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  • Stock Up on Snacks and Drinks

If you’re thinking, “We’ll eat properly at some restaurant or café, so why waste money on snacks?” you might want to think again.

Hunger pangs and grumpiness are total mood busters and the worst enemies for a successful family trip. You never know when your little ones will start demanding something to eat or when you might need an energy boost.

Therefore, it’s best to stock up on healthy snacks and drinks like nuts, popcorn, granola bars, apples and oranges, and water and juice bottles. You can also carry some light snacks like chips, candies, wafers, and biscuits for those occasional cravings.

Consider buying snacks and drinks from the local markets or convenience stores, as these are usually cheaper than gas stations or touristy stores.

Prepare tasty treats like salads and smoothies to avoid spending too much on snacks. 

  • Pre-Book Everything You Can

Whether it’s a hotel reservation, car rental, tour tickets, or even train tickets – pre-booking as many things as you can help you avoid last-minute hassles, extra costs, and unnecessary stress. And this is especially helpful if traveling during peak season or in areas with limited availability, as prices tend to skyrocket. However, you can always modify or cancel your bookings if needed.

Read the terms and conditions of any pre-booked offer carefully. Some companies may not offer refunds, even if you cancel your reservation, or may charge you extra to modify your booking. You can avoid disappointment or financial strain by reading the fine print beforehand.


Taking a break from our busy lives to enjoy a family vacation is crucial for our mental and emotional well-being. However, planning a family getaway can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That said, selecting a family-friendly destination like Branson that caters to diverse interests and age groups can ease the planning process significantly. Start by knowing your group’s interests, preferences, and expectations. It will help you create an itinerary with the perfect mix of things to do.

Additionally, set a budget considering all expenses, including food, transportation, accommodations, and activities. Pack lightly, but remember to bring essential items like medications and toiletries. Ensure to keep snacks and drinks handy to avoid hunger, meltdowns, and boredom.