5 Ways to Care for Your Car at Home

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Caring for your car doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of dollars a month on pricey treatments and maintenance services. If you really love your vehicle and want it to last, you’ll learn the ropes of DIY car care and be more resourceful with your time and cash investments, both short and long term!

This is where a lot of folks get intimidated and choose to outsource their car-care needs, despite many of these tasks being easy to understand and execute. 

Don’t sweat it: we’re here to show you five ways to care for your car at home that anyone can pull off. Let’s get started.

1. Complete Exterior Clean and Wax

Driving through the local car wash from time to time is better than nothing. However, you’re missing out on a lot of potential by outsourcing your cleaning needs.

By cleaning your car at home, you open up opportunities for enhanced shine, protection, and overall visual excellence. Water and concentrated car wash soap can work wonders, but additional equipment like a pressure washer or power waxer yields professional results far faster.

It might be a minor upfront investment of money – with a slight learning curve – but there’s no going back once you realize how fantastic your car looks after a deep clean at home. 

You’ll also discover that cleaning your car can be an enjoyable break from the daily grind, letting you relax and focus on nothing but the clean! Besides, with the right cleaning, waxing, and finishing products, you won’t need to clean your ride more than once a month.

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2. Interior and Upholstery Enhancement

Is there a better feeling for an auto owner than sitting down in a perfectly clean interior? You spend hours in the driver’s seat each week, so you deserve a sparkling clean personal space without dust, dirt, clutter, and grime.

Some of us have gone so long without a complete interior clean that we don’t even know what we’re missing! Do yourself a favor and dedicate an hour or two each month to a full detail routine for your upholstery or leather, plus the complete dashboard and steering wheel area. 

You may need a few minutes with a vacuum or a dust-resistant cleaner to protect and restore surfaces. Using the right tools will help, and it won’t be long before you have the time-saving technique you need to cover a lot of surface area in a short timeframe. 

Also, don’t forget to use the correct products depending on the surface, whether it’s leather, plastic, glass, cloth, etc.

3. Car-Show Tire Shine

A sparkling exterior and interior will look out of place if your tires don’t have the shine to match. This is where many car owners get cold feet and back down. However, it’s quite easy to obtain a factory-grade shine on your tires, even if they’re well worn.

The best tire shine gels are formulated with water-based polymers that create a rich, glossy look that’s fit for the showroom floor. You won’t even recognize your car after you apply just one round – all that grime and dirt has nowhere to hide!

Even better, tire shine products further protect your wheels when you take to the road again, so those tires look better for longer.

4. Eliminate Lingering Odors

What are those weird smells and where are they coming from? After years of daily use, you may be asking these types of questions about your interior cabin. 

If a deep clean doesn’t get rid of those lingering smells, a designated odor eliminator product should do the job. This way, you won’t have to worry about those smells returning and raising eyebrows of any guests and passengers. 

For the sake of yourself and others, spend a few dollars and some extra time on odor maintenance in your vehicle every month or so!

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5. Get Organized (Finally)

Let’s be honest: your car could be way more organized, from the glove compartment to the trunk and everywhere in between. Even if you think you know where everything is, you’re probably still scrambling for paperwork, pens, and loose change at the worst moments.

Set aside a half-hour here and there to finally get your car organized from the inside out, cleaning out all the unnecessary stuff and leaving just the essentials behind.

Give Your Car the Care it Deserves!

Your car is an extension of you and your unique personality, so show it some love! These care tips don’t demand anything complicated or dangerous, and you can leave the tough stuff to the mechanics. 

Just by stepping up your car care routine and sticking to a schedule, your vehicle will outshine all other cars on the road. Before long, you’ll start looking into more in-depth car service projects and become more self-reliant on all fronts.