5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day More Fun

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Undoubtedly, your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Your wedding brings joy, entertainment, happiness, and wonderful memories. But have you ever thought that your wedding day activities play a significant role here? You must ensure your family and guests are equally happy and entertained throughout your wedding. The key to planning a wedding successfully is adding personalized, unique, and never-before-seen details. Following simple yet extraordinary ideas is enough to make your wedding day more fun and special.

Bring Creativity in Wedding Cake

Sometimes the best part of making a wedding fun is cutting a funny cake. Everyone loves cake, and your guests are not exceptional. A flavorful, rich, creamy, and colored cake can make the wedding more memorable. There are different rituals in weddings and cutting-theme cakes according to that. You can even cut a bride to be cake with your friends, cousins, and colleagues at your bachelorette theme parties. We offer online cake delivery in Mumbai and various other cities in India. So, make the celebration a day to remember with our luscious cake.

Family Traditions

Weddings are full of family traditions, culture, and rituals. But what about making these wedding day traditions extra fun with a twist? For example, a special dance with family members. No doubt, this will make your day the most exciting one. There are many weddings where the bride or groom’s parents or family elders have to complete the ritual according to their customs and culture. So making a change here would be great fun. Planning the same rituals with something innovative would be great. For example, a special entry from the person or playing a song at that time could warm up the whole atmosphere. It is always exciting and fun to start or continue the same old tradition with some uniqueness.

Signature Dining and Cocktails

A signature cocktail named after your family member or, especially, in the bride and groom’s names is a great idea. You can even introduce a signature dining experience for the guests that can truly complement the whole decor and theme of the wedding. Create personalized food stations where guests can have food with their favorite toppings.

There are many ways to introduce a unique dining experience, whether with a glass of wine or beer paired with the dishes or special soups with signature ingredients.

Entertain Your Guest at the Wedding Party

Weddings without entertainment and DJ parties are so boring. Right? In this case, you should think out of the box, and you can unexpectedly make the whole wedding special. Wedding day entertainment ideas could be anything from showering everyone with cocktails to bringing an ice cream truck that everyone will enjoy. You can even set up cool, cozy, funny photo booths where guests can stand and click photos. You can even arrange games for couples that will make your guests happier, and they can enjoy a lot. You can even try other things that you have in mind.

Wedding day surprises and, unexpectedly, creating some special memories on your special day is no doubt fun. Your favorite person doing a special performance without telling anyone is no doubt fun. Showing a play to show how the couple behaves and who they are is also a great idea to surprise everyone. Some surprise appearances of any special guests like celebrities or keeping arrangements for any show is also a fun way to make your guests more involved in your wedding. You can even give your guests a small token of love as a return gift at your wedding.

Put Cameras on Every Table

During your wedding events, wedding day photos and videos are some of the prime things you cannot miss. We know that every couple makes sure to get plenty of photographs during the different rituals of the wedding. But have you thought of taking some pictures of your guests too? Probably not, but it is an excellent way to make your wedding day more special. You cannot bring everyone into one frame. However, putting cameras on each table would be a great idea to solve this issue. This way, you can get guests’ photos and wedding day videos and look through them after the event. You can also send them those photos and videos so that they can keep them to themselves as a memory of your event.


In short, we can say that there are many ways to make your wedding day more fun and memorable. Replacing outdated wedding day traditions and making them more vibrant, personal, and modern is not bad, right? From bright colored themes to unusual guest arrangements, you can make your wedding day and special event extraordinary. Don’t worry; these ideas will surely bring a smile to your guest’s face and make you the happiest person.