6 Best Tools For Digital Nomads

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Written By Berry Mathew

To enjoy the digital nomad life to the fullest isn’t as hard as it may appear. It’s a unique experience where you can work and have fun at the same time. Visiting a new city and adapting to its culture becomes marvelous. Digital nomad life is a combination of entertainment and learning, thus making your journey one of a kind. However, you must have access to the right tools to stay productive.

Must-Have Tools For Digital Nomads

If you are a digital nomad, you must have the right tools to complete your tasks and enjoy your free lifestyle. Fortunately, multiple online tools can help you stay safe, productive, and connected. Here are some of the best online tools you must have as a digital nomad. Read on.


Staying in a hostel or a hotel is very comfortable, but it’s costly. Use Airbnb if you want to travel to a specific country or city and stay for a long time. This app will help you find a lovely apartment or a room directly from the owners. This way, you will have a place of your own, thus enjoying independence. You can use this app to find a unique place where you can live as a local and interact with locals.


One challenge you’ll face while traveling the world is the language barrier, but this shouldn’t stop you. You will be more comfortable in a country when you know its most used language. Although learning a language from scratch might seem daunting, knowing basic and useful words is extremely valuable when traveling. And that’s where Duolingo comes in handy. It has 30+ languages you can learn online, and its teaching techniques are quick and fun.

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A Proxy Server

Before you pack your bags, book your flight, and head to the airport, ensure you find the cheapest residential proxies. As you travel across the globe and work remotely, you’ll have to use different public networks, which can significantly threaten your information security. For this reason, you must always use a proxy server when using public Wi-Fi in airports, cafes, coworking spaces, or hotels. There are multiple providers in the market, so be careful when choosing one.

With residential proxies from providers like IPRoyal, you can easily change or mask your IP address. Masking your IP enables you to browse anonymously and hide your data from hackers. Also, it can come in handy if you travel to countries such as China, where you can’t access apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.


Skyscanner is a service you can’t live without as a digital nomad. It scans a wide range of airlines, and you will always find the cheapest flight there. Another thing that makes it great is that you don’t need to know the exact travel dates. Instead, it will give you ticket prices for an entire month and how much they will cost each day. Once you enter the region or country, Skyscanner will provide you with the cheapest available airports, making it perfect for any digital nomad with a flexible schedule and location.


Working from your Airbnb apartment, hostel, or hotel room can sometimes be boring. Plus a café is not a better option considering there are a lot of noise and people, thus making it hard to concentrate. That’s why many digital nomads choose coworking spaces to work from. They offer an office atmosphere in a friendly manner. Moreover, you can meet new people and enjoy good coffee while doing your tasks. The Coworker app will help you locate the nearest and best coworking hubs and spaces in any country.

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As a digital nomad, having a gym membership is not a practical investment. When you move from one country to another, you have no idea where you will be working next. Besides, outdoor exercises are only good when the weather is favorable. However, a healthy body means a healthy mind, thus more productivity. So, enter FitOn and take advantage of their free on-demand workouts that enable you to stay fit. They have everything from boot camp to yoga, so choose your preferred type of workout to refresh your mind and stay healthy. 

Make Your Digital Nomad Life Simple

Without a doubt, being a digital nomad is a blast. You can explore the world while working. With the tools discussed here, you will have everything you require for the best remote work lifestyle. So, feel free to use these tools to simplify your digital nomad life!