6 Healthy Restaurants to Dine at in Cape Coral  

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Cape Coral is a hub for health-conscious foodies, with various restaurants offering nutritious yet delicious meals.  

Whether you’re vegetarian or just looking for a guilt-free indulgence, several Cape Coral eateries will delight your senses. Don’t let a toothache keep you from your culinary adventure—visit a dentist in Cape Coral to fully enjoy all the cuisine this city has to offer.  

1) Pure Green Cape Coral  

Pure Green Cape Coral offers the perfect balance between healthy and delicious.  

Known for its fresh juices, smoothies, and bowls, Pure Green Cape Coral guarantees fresh and organic ingredients.  

They even offer vegan-friendly options—try their Avocado Toast with sprouts and microgreens.  

2) Cava  

For the health-conscious carnivores, CAVA offers tasty Mediterranean eats with a touch of modern flair.  

The CAVA menu features delicious grain bowls and salads and allows customers to customize their orders.  

CAVA also offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions or preferences.  

Their Kitchen’s mission is to serve delicious food that helps more people eat and live well. 

3) Point 57 Kitchen & Cocktails  

Point 57 is a from-scratch kitchen and craft cocktail restaurant focusing on as many local ingredients as possible. 

They pride themselves on serving seasonal, locally sourced ingredients with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. The restaurant is intimate, and its outdoor bar area hosts live music on the weekends.  

Fan-favorite dishes include the steak frites, fish and chips, sweet tea brined and smoked chicken breast, and the crispy pork shank—the most popular drink is the Floriday 57. 

4) Marker 92 Waterfront Bar & Bistro  

For those seeking a fine dining experience, Marker 92 Waterfront Bar & Bistro has a delicious menu for seafood lovers.  

The stunning waterfront views and intimate atmosphere is what make this restaurant unique. Only locally grown, fresh ingredients are used for each dish.  

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5) Big Energy Cafe  

Big Energy Cafe is a family-owned business that offers an extensive menu of healthy options.  

The cafe specializes in smoothies, bowls, salads, and wraps, making it perfect for a quick and healthy lunch.  

The menu features vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options and a variety of protein options, including tofu, seitan, and tempeh.  

6) Living Vine Organic Cafe  

Living Vine Organic Cafe is a cozy spot that offers fresh, organic, and raw food options.  

The cafe uses the best and cleanest locally sourced ingredients—no preservatives, dyes, GMOs, pesticides, or insecticides free.  

Enjoy an extensive selection of salads, wraps, sandwiches, and desserts free of refined sugars, making it an excellent option for a guilt-free treat.  

Try their zucchini pasta or the raw vegan Buddha bowl! 

You can always opt for healthier alternatives when heading out for a bite—Cape Coral proves that.  

With many restaurants for diners with varying diets and lifestyle preferences, it’s hard not to find something delicious while sticking to the healthier side of life. Just make sure those pearly whites are ready for your culinary adventures, whether that means ridding yourself of pain with a tooth extraction or filling a cavity.  

If you need a light lunch break during the day or want a flavorful dinner spot, these healthy restaurants are an excellent place to start your journey. Bon Appétit!