6 Marketing channels that small businesses should invest in

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The last few years have witnessed extensive internet penetration and expansion of web technologies in every domain. The impact is most evident in the marketing landscape. You get bigger opportunities and better channels to reach your target audience. 

However, you cannot invest in every marketing channel. Based on the type, scale, and industry of your business the best digital marketing agency in New Zealand would suggest the most suited channels to achieve your specific business objectives.

Talking of small businesses, a local eatery, for instance, running a nationwide ad worth thousands of dollars would not be a wise move. You need to be more specific in your target audience and choose channels that leave the most positive impact.

Here are some most promising advertising channels for small businesses to take their products and services to the right audiences.

Many small businesses may underestimate the importance of having a business phone number. This is incredibly useful as many customers will want to call a business to find out more information from a human being. A vanity phone number can help businesses to market their number more easily and help customers to remember the number with a greater degree of ease as well.

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  • Email marketing

Although termed as an older medium as compared to other digital platforms, email is still highly relevant and potential. It is an ideal way to generate leads and derive conversions for small entrepreneurs.

Emails allow you to super-personalize the content for your audience which is the most dominant factor in today’s marketing. Being a low-cost marketing strategy, it is likely to yield great ROI. Over 70% of the small business leaders from the industry rated email as an excellent marketing channel.

  • Paid searches

Paid searches or pay-per-click ads are advertising your website at the top of the search engine result page. As the name suggests, you pay when a user clicks on your ad. 

Paid ads may be a bit more expensive than other channels but yield results faster than them. An industry-wide survey revealed that nearly 66% CMOs are interested in expanding their budget for PPC ads. 

  • Organic searches on predominant search engines (SEO)

It is a no-brainer that a majority of online buying experience begins with web searches. For that reason, you want your website pages to rank higher on the search engine result page than your competitors. With proper SEO you can boost the ranking of your pages which ensures a consistent traffic stream led to your sales funnel.

  • Mobile devices and applications

Mobile usage is at its peak and shows no signs of retreat or even slowing down. The trend is propelling businesses to provide information, services, or have a conversation through messages or other mobile applications. It is an incredible medium for small businesses to promote their offerings through mobile devices and reach the local audience.

  • Digital word-of-mouth

Word of mouth has been a trusted marketing strategy for ages. The only difference is now the words are exchanged through the digital medium. Reviews and recommendations from your customers work excellently when it comes to attracting new prospects. 

Most customers read reviews before making buying decisions. Getting genuine positive reviews can do wonders for small businesses.

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  • Social media marketing

Over 70% of the world population is using social media, including people from all age groups and sections of society. Promoting your business through Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn allows you to build a community and a rapport with your audience. It is also a great source of generating word-of-mouth opportunities.

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