6 Photography Tricks for Digital Staging

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Digital staging can do many things for you such as adding virtual furniture into an empty room or doing some fancy furniture removal from your property photos. Nevertheless, it all starts with a photo of the actual room and its contents. The higher quality your initial photo is will necessarily give you even better virtually staged photos. Then again, check this company with its award-winning digital staging team to give you an idea of just how awesome your virtually staged home could be. 

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Top 6 Photography Tips for Digital Staging 

The best virtual staging companies will know how to create top-quality photos so giving you the best-staged photos. Regardless, here are some tips so you have a bit of an idea before you start talking to a virtual staging company: 

1- Choose the Right Blend of Colors

Even if you’re not a professional photographer, you probably know that lighting is the key. You don’t want lots of shadows everywhere and you want colors to look real. In terms of the interior design colors though, usually neutral is the best approach. That way, your staged photos are more likely to appeal to a wider range of people. Although, you can discuss the design style details with your real estate agent and virtual staging services team.

2- Create the Environment 

When setting up a space for digital staging, you’re trying to create the right environment. This isn’t so much about capturing a moment but about getting the perfect composition, usually around some sort of symmetry. We tend to appreciate symmetry and repetition which can be very helpful when taking photos of rooms. So, when virtual staging a home, think about where the walls and central furniture can be in relation to each other.

3- Shoot an Empty Room where Possible 

Of course, a virtual staging company can do furniture removal for you, including any decluttering. Nevertheless, it helps if you start by photographing an empty room. Clearly, this isn’t always possible so don’t worry too much about this one as it’s more of a ‘nice to have. 

It’s worth noting though that you don’t have to shoot every room when digital staging a property. In fact, most people want to see at least the living room followed by the master bedroom and kitchen. Even though the cost at 20 to 50 dollars per image on average won’t break the bank, you still don’t want to waste your time and effort. Therefore, plan per photo and make sure that the styles are cohesive.

4- It’s all about Angles 

When virtually staging photos for selling property, you want to show off as much of each room as possible, although not too much of the ceiling. Therefore, a good photo will work with the angles to get as much into the shot. Sometimes it’s also useful to take shots from a few different angles. You can then see with your virtual staging company which one will work best for your staged photos. 

Another option is also to create virtually staged floor plans to go with the photos. These are equally easy to make and can be useful for demonstrating how moving a few walls around maximizes the space.

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5- Use a Tripod

This one might sound obvious but a tripod really does make a huge difference when setting up virtual staging solutions. It basically stabilizes your camera so that you can avoid any unnecessary blemishes in the original photos. Of course, these issues can be removed with virtual staging software. Regardless, it’s always better to start with something that’s already good.

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6- The Rule of Thirds 

All good photographers and artists know about this rule and it also applies to digital staging. Essentially, this rule says that a photo or piece of art is more visually appealing if it’s split into a grid of 3 by 3 or 9 equal parts. Your main points of interest are then placed at the intersections of this grid. The idea behind it is that you create a good balance between the foreground and background. Although, remember that your virtual staging company will know how to do this for your own unique virtual staging solutions.  

Parting Words on Photography Tricks for Digital Staging

Photography is an art form and so is virtual staging. You’ll know this for yourself when you see staged photos that look over the top or a bit cheesy. Keep in mind the tips detailed above when you virtually stage your home, including focusing on lighting and composition design. These tips are also useful to know when trying to find the best virtual staging company. With a little bit of knowledge, you’ll know what you’re asking for and how to compare across different companies. 

Then again, bear in mind that the best virtual home staging teams combine both digital expertise with photography flare and interior design know-how. Ask them how they make sure they cover all those skills. You should then be well on your way to getting the perfectly staged photos for your property. 

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