6 Top Reasons to Add Screens to Your Garage Doors

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Written By Berry Mathew

What do you use your garage for? Car? Home gym? Clutter? Workshop? What if it can be MORE? 

If you’ve recently installed a set of roller garage doors as part of your garage space renovation, it might be a good idea to invest in some quality screens. By adding a quality screen, you’ll easily be able to transform your garage into a much more functional area. 

Why Your Garage Needs a Screen

If your garage doubles as a workshop or hobby area, then you’re obviously looking for a few tips to make the space more comfortable. As part of our DIY garage tips, our experts have compiled a list of the top reasons why your garage space will benefit from a screen. 

  1. Added Security

If your garage space is close to the street it can easily provide an opportunity for passing thieves to grab tools or items close to the door when you fetch something in the house. Adding a screen is an excellent way to prevent this from happening.

Opting for a darker mesh screen will enable you to ventilate your space without exposing too much of your possessions to nosy neighbours or passers-by. 

  1. Protection From Bugs

An open garage door allows a cool summer breeze to fill the space but can also serve as an invitation for bugs to fly or crawl into the space. A screen that has been fastened to the garage will make it possible for you to enjoy the space without it becoming humid and being a breeding ground for pests. If insects, such as wasps, can’t get into the space easily, they’re less likely to build nests inside your garage. 

  1. Energy Efficient

Australian summers can be excruciatingly hot, which is an attractive climate for some, but only up to a point. Adding a screen will reduce the need for a portable AC or fan to cool down the space all day. 

Being able to keep the garage door open during the day means you can benefit from fresh air flowing in. You’ll be less reliant on appliances and electricity to keep the environment comfortable while working. 

  1. Can be Added to any Garage Space

Whether you’ve installed panel lift garage doors or more modern sectional doors, the good news is that you can add screens to any space. If you haven’t installed the door yet, be sure to tell the installer of your plans to eventually add a screen. They will then leave the necessary space in the layout so that you can add the screens easily. 

  1. Improved Airflow

One of the top reasons people open their main garage door is to create airflow when they’re working in the space. This is especially the case when you’re working with hot and heavy tools on a warm day. Luckily, working around the home doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

Adding a screen allows fresh air to flow through and circulate in the space without any of the nuisances that go along with open doors (see note on bugs above).

Adding a screen also makes the space considerably more versatile. A simple workshop on one day can be a lounge area for children to hang out and play games on another!

  1. Wide Variety of Screens to Choose From

Just as there are many different garage doors to choose from, there is also a range of screen options to consider. Some of the more popular include:

  • Retractable: These types of screens operate on a track system and can be opened and closed as needed. If your garage space serves different functions, these screens make it easy to position it out of the way when the garage serves a different purpose. 
  • Sliding: If you want a screen that works similarly to a sliding window, then this is the type you need. One panel slides over the other to easily open and close the screen as needed. These types are ideal for garage doors that need to open and close frequently as the constant opening and closing motion won’t damage the screen. 
  • Magnetic: If your only real qualms about your garage space are the bugs and leaves that will blow in there on a windy day, then you’ll benefit from a magnetic screen door. Since the screens are attached to strong magnets, they can easily be attached to the screen door. This makes them super easy to add and remove when you need to.

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Final Thought

More good news is that many screen attachments are cost-effective and can easily be assembled since they’re made up in DIY packages. So, you can have the garage experts install your new garage door and you can simply attach the screen afterwards. Your handy work can also contribute to the overall success of the project!