7 ideas to occupy your cat while he is away

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Written By Charlotte Miller

You are forced to leave often or for long periods for your professional activity, your leisure activities, your holidays, etc., and your cat does not support it. Indeed, contrary to popular belief, many of our friend’s cats fear loneliness and long for their masters when they are not at home. While cats often play independent in our presence – and outside of the sacred moments of cuddling – they often watch us with a more alert eye than we might think in order to ensure that we are always present at their times. sides.

Nevertheless, it is not always possible to stay at home and it is then important to ensure that the small animal supports these more or less long and repeated absences. To help him to live them more easily and more serenely, we offer you 10 ideas to occupy your cat during your absences. Of course, remember that each animal has its own character and that not all of these solutions may be suitable for yours. However, discover this panel of effective proposals and make your selection according to the tastes of your tomcat!

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Idea n°1: food dispenser toys

Here’s something to keep your pet busy while encouraging it to exercise while enjoying itself! Food-dispensing toys are great ways to keep your kitty busy and entertained. He has fun rolling the object on the ground to get out the croquettes placed inside by you. An occupation that can last for hours!

You can also stimulate his sense of smell and his hunting instinct by hiding some treats or kibble in several places around the house. Vary the hiding places from day to day to encourage him to search. This treasure hunt keeps him busy and allows him to exert himself to find something to enjoy.

Of course, the hiding places must remain accessible to the Cat Health and the croquettes or the treats must be able to be recovered without it putting itself in danger.

Idea n°2: classic and original toys

To occupy your animal, it is good that he has toys with which he can play alone. Distinguish them from those with whom you play two so that he does not feel the lack of your presence. No need to break the bank to occupy it, because simple everyday objects can be transformed into original toys.

For example, you can hang bells, feathers, or balls on your (closed) window and door handles. Leave small balls within reach, wine bottle corks, aluminum pellets, etc. A trifle can amuse him in your absence, just give him something to do without danger.

Idea n°3: the cardboard box

Cats are crazy about cardboard boxes. Small or large, they are ideal cabins for our friends the cats. Do not hesitate to recycle your shoe boxes, your boxes from your deliveries, or move to create a nice hiding place. You can completely build a small cozy nest made up of one or more cardboard boxes glued together – in particular, a cardboard castle – or simply leave them empty. Your pet will be delighted to jump in, roll around in it and hide in it to observe what surrounds it without being seen. And if you feel like an artist, decorate the box(es) as you wish to improve the aesthetics.

If the cardboard is an ideal toy and hiding place, it is interesting to move it around the house to vary the pleasures of the cat from day today.

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Idea n°4: catnip (catnip)

Catnip, or catnip, is a great way to occupy and stimulate your cat’s sense of smell while you’re away. This plant with euphoric effects is indeed very attractive for tomcats. The cat smells it, rolls around in it, and feels both relaxed and excited. This plant is safe for the animal, but it is preferable that he does not eat it.

You can also use catnip by rubbing it on your little friend’s toys or cat tree. He will be very happy to smell the stimulating smell.

Idea n°5: the scratching post

The cat likes to scratch. It is a soothing action and allows it to maintain them while preventing them from breaking. Installing scratching posts for him in the house will be a good way to occupy him in your absence and allow him to have useful fun. You can place scratching posts in original places (table legs, wall, floor, etc.). In addition, by offering your cat something to sharpen its claws, you will prevent it from doing them on your sofas and curtains!

Idea n°6: cat tree

A cat tree is often considered an essential item when you have a tomcat in your home. It must be recognized that this versatile tree allows it to hide, perch high to observe its environment, rest, scratch, etc. This playground is more or less large and more or less equipped with accessories depending on the model, but some are equipped with toys, tunnels, sleeping or perching spaces, scratching posts, hiding places, and other little fun that will Make you lonely cats happy.

Idea n°7: Views and/or access to the outside

Tomcats are curious and like to observe their surroundings, especially when they are in high places. This character trait has to do with their territoriality and the fact that they are so routine. They like to observe and observe what is going on around them in order to have better control over it. To meet this innocuous need, install something for your pet to see outside from a window. Keep them off in your absence to avoid escaping and/or falling, but leave your cat free to observe the outside.