7 In-Demand Jobs for Canadians to Pursue in 2022

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Are you currently in a career that has you feeling trapped? Do you lack passion and excitement for the job you do? Maybe it’s not challenging enough and it feels like you can sleepwalk through each day. These are the kind of factors that contribute to people wanting to make a change and pursue an entirely different career path. But you don’t want to jump blindly into another job that ends up feeling the same. Instead, it’s wise to take your time, research various jobs and their responsibilities, and of course look into what will be in demand for 2022.

While there are plenty of jobs that look promising for the upcoming year, here are seven in particular worth highlighting for Canadians.


Do you have a love for animals? Do you wish that you could make a job out of working with them? If so, the career of a veterinarian could be something worth looking into. Pets are incredibly popular in Canada, and the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a record number of pet adoptions. Don’t forget, a vet isn’t just for dogs and cats – it is any domestic animal. Some vets even deal with farm animals.

As a vet, you’ll have the freedom to set up your own office/clinic and be in total control of your career, or you can decide to join an already existing clinic.

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Intelligence Analyst

Here’s a job that is showing a fair amount of growth according to Statistics Canada. Intelligence analysts are in demand across the country thanks to many factors. With the baby boomers retiring at a faster pace now, jobs are opening up. Not to mention the fact that this career field is growing in general thanks to the fact there is more risk out there, which requires intelligence analysts and investigators. They can make risk assessments, recommendations, manage risk and so forth.

There are several ways you can break into this field, but one can be to get your online master of public safety degree through the esteemed Wilfrid Laurier University. What’s interesting about a public safety degree is that it is versatile in that it prepares graduates for many different career paths. An intelligence analyst is just one of the doors it will open.


If there is one highly in-demand field, it is healthcare in general. You can name just about any patient-facing job within healthcare and it is in demand now and this will continue into 2022. One worth highlighting because it’s not always mentioned is the career of a pharmacist. 

Again, we can take a look at the baby boomers who are aging and who will be requiring more medical interventions – which includes prescription medications. Even the pharmacy field is feeling the effects of baby boomers retiring, which is putting more demand on it.

Some of the provinces that pharmacists are most in-demand at the moment include BC, ON, SK, NB and SK. In this job, as well as sorting out medication, you’ll also be speaking with patients and advising them on how to properly take their medications. The role allows for plenty of patient time, so it’s ideal for those who have excellent communication skills.

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Industrial Electrician

The trades always seem to be in demand, so it’s a safe bet to look at anything that falls under the trades umbrella. As businesses continue to expand in Canada, however, there is a need for qualified industrial electricians. There is a real fear that there won’t be enough people to fill these jobs in the coming years. 

These electricians work in manufacturing, gas operations, mining and so forth – so they are need in very large companies and industries. You’d be working to install and test systems, do repairs, maintain systems and so forth.

While they are in demand Canada-wide, the provinces paying the highest salaries for these qualified individuals are BC, AB and SK which makes sense when you take a look at their main industries.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers aren’t just in demand here in Canada, but in many countries around the world. In Canada, the main push is for transport truck drivers that can do long-haul trips across Canada. These aren’t short little runs, rather coast-to-coast treks through some rather challenging terrain and weather. 

A big portion of the workforce is nearing retirement age soon, so even if there’s not an influx of available jobs yet – there will be soon. This can be a very difficult job so it takes the right kind of person who can handle the stress and responsibilities. It may also be ideal for those who don’t like an office environment and want to feel a sense of freedom in their job.

General Laborer

All you have to do is take a look at the headlines and you’ll see many provinces are reporting a shortage of general laborers. These are the kinds of jobs that keep the economy and country going, so they are incredibly important. They are also physically demanding jobs, so you need to know that going into it. 

In particular, the construction industry offers a lot of potential right now – whether that is in building, repairs or demolition. It’s the kind of industry that is so vast that you don’t realize all the potential until you take a closer look.

Software Engineer

If you have a love for technology and software, then the job of a software engineer could be the perfect fit. With so much reliance on electronics, software engineers have reached a new height of demand and importance. This is the kind of job that has long-term potential as demand won’t slow down any time soon.

You can start your own consultancy, work for a software company, or even in-house for a company. Many software engineers go on to design and code apps.

Take Your Pick – So Many Options

So rather than continue in a job that you don’t love, don’t feel challenged by, and that feels like a dead-end street, why not look around and start exploring the possibilities that exist. There are so many different fields that are enjoying huge amounts of growth in Canada right now, which means many engaging and exciting potential career paths too.