7 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Applying for Social Security Benefits in Dallas, Texas

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Written By Charlotte Miller

If you have a disability, you know what it means to wait for your SSDI approval. You must wait for medical test outcomes, diagnosis, and other processes that take time to complete. Delays are common for people filing for Social Security Disability benefits. However, it is crucial to know that mistakes can even delay the process more or lead to the rejection of your application. A high number of applicants have their first claim rejected. Even if they are successful after appealing, there are more steps they must go through and wait longer before they get their disability payment. Therefore, knowing the mistakes that can delay the process or cause claim rejection is critical to getting your SSDI benefits. Working with Kraft & Associates, P.C. will be ideal to navigate the process and avoid common mistakes people make. Here are mistakes to avoid to help you qualify for SSD benefits.

  1. Applying When Working in a Full-Time Job

The SSA utilizes a 5-step evaluation process to analyze claims. First, they check if you are in a substantial gainful activity. That means checking if you are working in a full-time job. If you apply for Social Security Disability benefits while still working full-time, your claim will be rejected.

  1. Failure to Get a Doctor’s Diagnosis

One must-have qualification for SSDI is that you must be diagnosed by a qualified doctor and medically determined as impaired. The condition ought to be supported by clinical observations and tests. Therefore, it is vital to seek help from a licensed doctor. Explain your symptoms, even the minor ones. The doctor will give a written statement you will need during the application.

  1. Failure to Seek Treatment

DDS will not approve your application if you have not sought treatment for the condition. Even if the treatment may not be healthy, don’t fail to see a doctor if you want your application approved.

  1. Non-Compliance with the Treatment

Sometimes, people refuse to comply with the treatment, which is not convincing to Social Security. You need to prove the severity of the condition by following the treatment administered by your doctor. If your doctor refers you to another specialist, ensure you visit them. It is also essential to take the medication prescribed by the professional.

  1. Relying on One Major Condition

Many people use one severe condition to explain to the Social Security. However, it is advisable to list all your medical conditions when applying. It boosts your success chances. Social Security will consider how these conditions limit your life and your ability to work.

  1. Failure to Keep Records

Social Security will need details of your condition, medications, and treatments. It will be easier to submit the information if you have been keeping records of doctor’s visits, symptoms recorded, medicine, etc. Remember, SAA makes its decision based on the information a claimant provides. Therefore, avoid the denial of your application by giving enough details of the disability.

  1. Exaggerating or Minimizing Symptoms or Limitations

Honesty is critical when completing an application. Nothing will lead to the rejection of your claim more than being questionable. Don’t exaggerate or minimize your condition. Your medical records will back up your claim.

In a Nutshell

You should never make these mistakes when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. The process can take longer before you get your disability payments. You need a reliable lawyer to advocate for you and fight to get the SSDI benefits.

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