8 Important Skills and Traits Your Social Media Manager Will Need

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

Sometimes, in the course of a single day, a social media manager must take on the roles of SMM specialist, content maker/writer, app developer, data analyst, and customer support representative. All of these different tasks need SMM professionals to hone a wide range of important marketing and other business-related social media abilities. It takes time and practice to become a proficient social media professional who has both hard and soft abilities. While “hard” talents like data analysis and copywriting are more amenable to study and training, “soft” abilities like organization and networking might be more challenging to acquire but are nevertheless crucial.

In the following paragraphs, we will go over the eight most important talents for social media managers that they need to have to build a successful career.

Creative thinking

In today’s crowded social media landscape, standing out from the competition may be difficult for companies. It is the goal of any social media manager to provide material that their followers will find engaging, informative, and conversational, but coming up with novel and interesting concepts may be a challenge. The ability to be imaginative is very transferable in the realm of social media expertise. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out VistaCreate – an endless source of original ideas. 

Competence in the art of writing 

Although many other abilities might aid in getting your point through on social media, the written word remains the most essential one. The finest social media managers not only embody but also improve upon the voice of their company on social media; they are also skilled copywriters and brilliant digital conversationalists. SMM needs to be able to create succinct text that evokes emotion in readers, whether you are trying to capture their attention in an advertisement or make them laugh in a social setting.

Exceptional communication skills

To be successful on social media, one must have excellent communication abilities that can be adapted to any medium, number of characters, or demographic. Being the face of your company to the world on social media means being ready at any time to jump on a hot issue or respond to an angry client.

Superior efficiency and meticulous planning

It’s impossible to successfully oversee a social media campaign without being able to effectively manage your time, so efficiency and organization are crucial traits for anybody working in this field.

A social media manager’s responsibilities span the whole process, from coming up with ideas for campaigns and distribution schedules to seeing them through to completion. A savvy social pro will have tools, policies, and procedures in place for their social presence to help them manage the many moving parts involved in doing this on a large scale.

Services geared at the satisfaction of customers

Providing excellent customer service through social media requires a unique set of abilities, including excellent social skills and an eye for seeing new possibilities. For a social media manager, one of the most important responsibilities is creating a plan for social customer service. It’s not enough to just hear and process the complaints, requests, and compliments of your existing clientele; you also need to anticipate the voices of your potential new ones. Reading a direct message (DM) and understanding the “why” behind a customer’s frustration is just as vital as coming up with a unique solution to gratify a loyal follower.

Understanding of commercial strategies that include both old-fashion and digital ones

If you want to develop a social strategy that really helps your company, your SMM needs to learn about all the other types of marketing (email, events, lead generation, PR, and more) that are already out there. Having this information at their disposal will allow your SMM to place social media within the context of your brand’s interactions with consumers, sales processes, and bottom-line profits.

In-depth examination of data

These days, it’s not enough to only be able to analyze numbers; social media manager needs to be able to interpret qualitative data as well, thanks to the rising relevance of social listening.


In today’s rapidly changing social climate, even the most well-laid strategies might suddenly become obsolete. The ability to shift gears and respond swiftly to a changing social media landscape is a must. When dealing with irate clients (or adoring ones), the ability to think on their feet and adapt quickly might help your SMM answer with empathy and individualization.

Long-term planning requires the same degree of flexibility. Social media campaigns need to be as adaptable and ever-changing as the channels they use. To keep up with the social media landscape, accommodate organizational changes, and recover from less-than-stellar outcomes, it is essential for social media managers to try new approaches and even completely revamp their strategies.


There is a lot of responsibility placed on a social media manager’s shoulders. Regardless of how proficient your social media manager now is, they could always do better. Consequently, if they want to advance in their profession, they should always work to hone the abilities they already possess.

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