8 Reasons All Businesses Should Consider Coworking Spaces 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way in which employees have come to expect how they work. The onset of remote work had many benefits ranging from increased flexibility, new job opportunities, and an increased motivation to complete work. Despite this, after years of being away from offices many people have found themselves yearning for social interaction while completing their work.

Unfortunately, for those who have taken up a remote role or for those whose company transitioned to hybrid or total remote work, this social interaction will have completely disappeared. A unique way to find this while also still being able to complete work quickly and accurately is to consider using a coworking space instead. 

What is a Coworking Space?

For those who have never heard of this type of working space, a coworking space is a community-based office that requires a “membership fee” on a monthly or yearly basis to access. Put another way, this office space allows people from the same or different companies to interact under one roof while doing their own work.

All of the equipment, custodial services, refreshments, utilities, and more are owned by the organization which owns the coworking space itself. The fee a person pays to access this space goes towards these benefits, as well as general items within the space. 

How Expensive Are Coworking Spaces? 

The price of a coworking space can vary drastically depending on how many benefits the space actually offers to those who use it. However, a starting point of around $150 per month is relatively average for coworking spaces in large cities such as Houston where a person walks in and finds an open desk to claim. To reserve a specific desk every day, the average price tends to be closer to $500 or $600 per month.

8 Reasons to Invest in a Coworking Space

While the cost to invest in innovative coworking spaces in Houston may be high, there are a number of benefits for choosing to take on this cost. The most prominent eight of these benefits include:

  1. Cheaper cost than purchasing a building

For organizations that had a lease ending right around the time Covid-19 sparked the pandemic, investing in a new lease when nobody is in the office can be a nuisance. However, it may just be cheaper to allow employees to work out of a coworking space instead of starting a whole entire lease when the office won’t be full everyday anyways.

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  1. Unique perks that come with the space

There are more benefits to coworking spaces than just having the option to talk to others. Many spaces often feature full kitchens with appliances such as a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and more. On top of this, certain spaces will also have relaxation rooms with games such as Ping Pong or Foosball which can be used by workers to relieve stress.

  1. More community for isolated workers

It’s no secret that being able to hire employees anywhere in the world has provided companies with many benefits, however it has also isolated those employees. Rather than allowing them to stay isolated by themselves, approving their commute to a coworking space can allow them to chat with others and be more satisfied daily, leading to a better performance in their job.

  1. Central location for clients to meet

For companies that have transitioned to being primarily remote, hosting clients can be a challenge as most employees would prefer clients not come to their home. By investing in a coworking space, a company can have an area where they can happily host clients for various forms of meetings. While having others around when these meetings occur may not be ideal, coworking spaces offer feature private rooms which can be booked as well.

  1. An overall increase in productivity 

Happier workers mean better work being completed. Providing employees with a social area to interact, whether with fellow coworkers or workers from other companies, can help foster this happiness. Going further, strong social connections are proven to bolster physical health as well, going to show just how important this is for productivity.

  1. Networking opportunities between workers

Employees can help grow the connections a business can lead on by utilizing a coworking space. By being in the same location as workers from other companies, employees can start to network with one another more effectively. This can allow employees to potentially bring on new clients for the business or simply interest others who may want to switch careers.

  1. More flexibility over job control

One primary reason remote work took off so quickly was due to the fact that it gave employees more control over their day. By not monitoring when an employee gets into the office, the employee is given more freedom to get their work done. A coworking space can give an employee this exact same freedom as well, which is a major benefit that can improve the work-life balance for many employees.

  1. The ability to connect with the work performed 

Going to an office day-in and day-out can grind an employee down and make them feel disconnected from the work they are performing. However, by being in an office space that is shared and surrounded by workers from different companies, an employee can see how unique their work is and connect to it in a new and better way.

The Bottom Line

As a worker in the modern day, it’s unlikely that the standard five-day in-office format will ever be seen again. Remote and hybrid work offer far too many benefits that cannot be ignored by organizations. However, for those who crave a social environment while working, this can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, coworking spaces can allow anyone to interact with unique individuals from their community while still getting work done. Ensure your company doesn’t have any privacy regulations against coworking spaces, then find one in your area to change the way you work today.