8 Things You Can Do For Better Spa Management 

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Written By Berry Mathew

Perhaps there is no industry other than spa industry where the two sides of equation are as different as chalk and cheese. At one end of the spectrum, while a spa provides a sanctuary to clients come relax and pamper themselves on the other end managing a spa business is anything but Zen experience for spa managers.On an average day, managers juggle between a minimum of 10 processes ranging from matching client needs with provider skills and ensuring minimal down time to driving the overall profitability and creating spa business management strategies to mitigate industry challenges. With so much going on, efficient spa management becomes a non-negotiable need. Here are 8 ways you can accomplish it. 

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Client Communications 2.0

We start with the communication, and it is no surprise that communication is considered as an art. Clients visit spas to relax andconsider it as a place where they can put their worldly worries aside to focus on themselves. While it is important that you and your team consistently offer best in class service, what is more important is to add human element to it.Clients come from all walks of life, some maybe just looking for a day of pampering whereas others for holistic solution to ground their emotional pain. So be attentive to their needs. You don’t have to their counsellor, but you and your team can be supportive on their journey. Perhaps, suggest ways or products which can help in the process of healing. Often times you would notice that these clients easily become your regular patrons and actively engage in word-of-mouth publicity. 

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Implement A Robust Employee Management Plan

A substantial part of growing your business involves taking people together, and one of the ways to do this is help your team grow by making them stakeholders in the process. Start with identify your top talent and their natural skills. Delegate responsibility and hold them accountable. As a leader your role isn’t to hire a team of providers but mentor future leaders.An organizational structure greatly helps in this regard. Don’t be afraid of goof-ups. It is a part of learning process. However, be cautious with judgement. Implement strategies such as regular meetings to take updates, actively seek their suggestions on improving process outcomes, invest in their training, and, recognize and reward achievements, and resolve conflicts. Not only would you ensure low attrition rates but also see them gladly take the extra effort to meet business goals. 

Automate Repetitive Processes

Consider this as the key to all your spa management pain points. If you have any process, which requires you and your team to go back and forth, chances are that it can be easily automated. So, adopt that spa software. Not only will you be able to streamline all your processes but also save precious man hours, and costs but also better manage inventory, drive marketing campaigns and gain insights on your business. While there are many options to choose from, we prefer Zenoti all in one cloud-based spa software which comes with a host of features such as swift appointment booking, single sign on experience, smart scheduling, inventory management, and a robust reporting and advanced data analytics feature. It is both easy to learn, is scalable to support multi store operations. 

Create A Cozy Atmosphere

The environment can affect the perception of service. Your team maybe offering the best massage in town, but if the environment is not cozy, chances are that your service will rank lower. So, pay attention that the décor, temperature setting, lighting, design themes of your spa. The whole space should exuberate relaxation. Additionally, have a waiting area with plush chairs, spa magazines, a drink stand etc. 

Optimize Process Times

One of the ways to improve spa operations is to optimize your process times. If the turn-around time for a massage session is over 90 minutes, it is time to review and see if you can change it to 70 minutes. Similarly, a session of body scrub should not exceed over 1 hour. By studying the cycle times in detail, and making slight tweaks maybe you can save enough time to squeeze one extra session. 

Keep Your Data Secure 

Your clients would like to know that their personal, financial and medical data are secure. The internet is rife with stories of data breach and your name doesn’t have to be on the list of companies suffering it. This doesn’t mean that you refrain from adopting technology. Instead choose a spa software that is HIPPA compliant and constantly upgrades is security features. Zenoticloud based spa software comes with robust security features such as role based data access, and geo-fencing, which prevents loss of data due to theft. Additionally, since the data is stored on remote cloud server, the software eliminates the possibility of loss of data due to hardware malfunction. 

Transform Your Retail

Another important way to streamline your spa operations is to create a unified portal to meet all the retail needs of your clients. If your guests love the products that you use, and are looking to buy it make it easier for them and give them a unique one touch experience. To cite and example, Zenoti webstore is a unified portal, which allows clients to book appointments, pick products at member’s only price, and redeem gift cards through a single sign on experience and provides clients with a seamless experience. 

Manage Your Business Data And Reporting

Finally, one of the important things of managing a successful business is to have a comprehensive reporting system and doing this manually is a non-starter. Aside from being time consuming, the manual process prone to human errors. So, leverage technology to record each and every transaction and utilize is robust reporting system to create dashboards which provide real time insights enable you to take data driven decisions to manage your spa business operations. 

Trying these above techniques will certainly improve your business process efficiency and help you in running a lean and smooth enterprise. Do you have any other ideas? We’d love to hear. Please share in comments.