8 Wholesome Activities for Teens in the City

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

If you have a teen and you live in the city, you might be wondering what wholesome activities you can do that can keep them occupied. Cities are easier to find activities since they are larger and there are more places to go and see. 

However, some teens also have a hard time staying out of trouble when it comes to living in big cities. This is why it’s especially important to make sure your teens have wholesome activities to do around the city so that have activities to fill their days. A different activity to look into for you teen can be a momentum urban center trip. 

Use this guide to find the best activities to do with your teens around the city. Not all cities may have all these venues, but they are likely to have most of them. 

Teens Nights at Local Museums 

Museums are a good place for teens to hang out because they are educational and they allow the teens a safe place to learn and explore things that interest them. 

During the summer and holiday breaks, many museums have teen nights where teens can come and do projects or watch films. Sometimes they also have dance nights where the teens can get free food and dance with their friends. 

Museums also have free visiting hours which makes it easier for your wallet because you don’t have to pay for all your teens to visit the museum. 

Take Them to an Open Mic Night 

Many cafes and libraries have open mic nights where you can take your teen to hang out. If your kid sings, plays an instrument, or does poetry, they can even participate in the open mic night. 

If they don’t want to do their own performance, they can simply sit there and watch the other teens. Open mic nights are a great way for your teen to spend time with others in a wholesome setting. 

They can also meet others and spend time with their friends at the café or place where the open mic night is being hosted. 

Keep in mind that some open mic nights are not only for teens so there will be adults performing. In this case, your teen might hear some adult language so make sure you’re prepared for that. 

Go to a YMCA Center 

YMCAs are a common place for teens to spend time during the summer because the centers offer classes and programs for people of all ages. 

Your kids can do many different things that interest them including singing classes, acting classes, swimming classes, or art classes. 

Some YMCAs even offer specialty classes where your teen can learn how to use computers, do graphic design, or learn a variety of different sports. 

Make sure to also have your teen take advantage of the homework help classes that the YMCAs offer because they can have free tutoring where they can learn whatever subject they are struggling with much better. 

There are also some college assistance classes where your teen can get help with college applications and college essays. These are great because they can get helpful tips on how to apply for college and make it more likely for them to get into wherever they apply. 

Go to An Escape Room 

Escape rooms have become more popular in the last few years because they are popping up in every major city. Escape rooms are a very fun activity for your teens to do with their friends because it’s fun and offers them a challenge that will keep them busy for a few hours. 

Escape rooms have many different themes and obstacles so your teen will find it exciting. 

Spend Time at the Library 

Many libraries across the city have programs and classes that your teen can do for free. Your teen can for homework or college application help or they can go to one of the more casual classes like a movie screening. 

Your city probably has a calendar where they can see all the events going on and then choose one that interests them. They can either then invite friends or they can make new ones at the library. 

Rock Climbing or Skateboarding 

It’s best that your teen do some activities where they can outside this way they can enjoy nature and get some fresh air. There are plenty of things for your teen to do outside. While they can just go to a park, finding an activity for the outdoors is better than just wandering around the park. 

Rock climbing is fun and can get your teen’s adrenaline pumping. Most cities have many different options for rock climbing including smaller walls that are better for younger teens or teens that might be scared of the walls. 

Skateboarding is also a nice activity where you can take your teen to the skate park and they can practice their tricks. 

Hiking and Nature Trails

Another way to get outside and enjoy nature is to go hiking or walking along nature trails. You can find these in national parks or around the city depending on where you live. They can range in difficulty from hard to easy so there should be one for you and your teen or your teen can do it alone if the trail is safe. 


Almost all cities have a bowling alley and they are perfect places for your teen to hang out. Bowling alleys also sometimes have theme nights where your teen can dress up as they bowl and play games. 

They can also get a team of friends together to go bowling which is a fun way to spend time with each other. Bowling can be just for fun or it can be competitive depending on the skill level of your teen. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether it’s summer or any other time of year, your teen should find wholesome activities to do around the city including the ones on this list. Finding these wholesome activities also boosts their emotional state of mind. Instead of going to somewhere for teen treatment, these activities may help boost their state of mind. They might not find everything interesting, but they can for sure find an activity or two that they like look forward to. 

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