A Few 10 Lively Trends to Update Your Home This Winter

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Winter is loved by all. We associate winter with hot chocolate, warm shrugs, and white snow. This does not mean that the interior of your home should look dull. We think it is a season that can be celebrated with some profound changes that one can incorporate in their homes to make it every bit lively and trendy. Here are 10 trending ideas that one can use to up their style and comfort quotient this time around.

  1. Furniture: We have been working in the new normal for quite some time now and to ensure that working from home is always kept comfortable to maintain efficiency we recommend office chairs that are not only cozy, but also of ergonomic make to support your posture.
  2. Winter colors: Gone are the days when you just had grey and brown shades for your winter décor. Experiment with warm colors like mustard yellows, pumpkin orange and shades of purple can make your home look every bit festive ready during winter. 
  3. Prints: Apart from the usual check designs that were erstwhile used in the winters, you can make your home stand out even more with amazing stripe and floral designs on the material you choose.
  4. Chunky Woven Material: Materials that are woven out of chunky strands of wool or cotton add a lot to the overall texture of that special place in your home. You can choose to have this done in wood or even materials that have a thick sock weave look.
  5. Facades: Facades are not only for house fronts but also for the décor within. There are numerous options around geometric designer furniture, lampshades and storage to choose from for your beautiful house.

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6.Tassels: One noticeable addition that one can make to their home furnishing would be the elegance of tassels which come in a great range of sizes, colors and material.  

  1. Bedspreads & Blankets: During winters, there is no better place than a bed to tuck in for a nap. For this one can find loads of plush blankets and bedspreads for a warm and comfy snooze. Apart from the bedspreads and blankets one can find a great double bed price instore or online this season.

8.Tailored Skirts: These are the trendiest upholstery that one can add, for that additional glamour to your furniture. From simple cuts to all around pleats one will find an amazing line-up for a sofa, swivel chair, or an ottoman.

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  1. Warm Winter Rugs: A warm and soft feeling for one’s feet is something heavenly that anyone would like and what better than a rug that covers the living space at home to keep everyone’s feet warm.
  2. Fireplace: If you are renovating and thinking of adding warmth to your home, a small fireplace will add that aesthetic look to your living room where the family and friends can gather and socialize. 

Above fuss-free updates to your home this winter can render a fresh look to your place.