A First-Time DUI in Arizona – What To Know About This Factor

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When the police officer in Arizona thinks that you are under the influence and yet are behind the wheel, you will be in great trouble, as Driving Under the Influence, or DUI is a punishable offense. The police officer will check your history of DUI, and nothing can stop them from punishing you even though it is your first time. 

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DUI in Arizona 

Sources state that DUI is a condition that can influence your confidence to drive safely back to your destination. This condition is accurate, and the punishment is severe if your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) exceeds the limit of 0.08%.

This level can affect your judgment while driving between the lanes and lead to a collision between the cars or between the car and something else. 

DUI Laws 

Here are some kinds of DUI strictly considered legal offenses in Arizona. Knowing about them can be of great help for you.

  • DUI 

This condition is a misdemeanor considered legally punishable by the state’s law. Here, the driver is under the influence of any illegal substance, such as weed, alcohol, drugs, etc. The issue can become more critical when you are in no condition to maneuver a vehicle steadily and can lead to damage to anybody or anything else. 

  • Extreme DUI 

Extreme DUI is charged to people with a report of more than 0.15% of BAC. This condition is the extreme level of DUI and can be punishable by not only a few dollars, but can also get you a sentence of a few months in jail. 

  • Super Extreme DUI 

The driver is under the influence of more than 0.20% alcohol in their blood. The decree of charges will be severe if the person is driving a vehicle for more than 2 hours, even with a BAC of 0.20. 

Now that you know about a few kinds of DUI, it is best that you take care in the future that you never get behind the wheel even though you have had a bottle of beer. Arizona laws are strict regarding DUI and follow rules to avoid such situations. 

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