A list of businesses that have adopted powerful brand strategies

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

Worldwide known brands haven’t achieved massive success by sheer luck but by adopting great measures in which they placed brand strategy as the center of their actions. A good way in which you can make your brand more visible to the audience is by learning what methods were adopted by famous companies to become unique and memorable brands. And because several organizations succeeded in implementing brand strategies well, why not get inspired from them? We surely all have something to learn this way, and your business can become more popular if you follow some useful measures.

So, let’s look at the companies that have adopted powerful brand strategies.


Every big company starts with a small dream, and this is also what happened in the case of Tesla, which was created with a vision that seemed almost impossible at that moment, more exactly, making electric sports cars. Although Tesla didn’t adopt the usual strategies, but ironically a kind of anti-advertising method, the company still represents one of the fastest-growing automakers worldwide. But if Tesla didn’t use the popular approaches, how did it gain such a big success? Well, their number one strategy was to channel all their budget and efforts into making the best product on the market. The company also emphasizes innovation, like offering next-gen technology, delivering continual software updates, and a new experience that most people can’t even imagine. But maybe what made Tesla so famous is especially its CEO, Elon Musk, who, with his break-news facts, responses to questions, and provoking conversation, aroused more controversy than any other normal advertising could. The company also creates memorable events to familiarize the audience with its products and uses word of mouth to spread the news about its services.


Nike is a very known brand worldwide, which benefits from massive success due to the effective branding strategies adopted. First, the iconic slogan Just Do It is worth mentioning because it is powerful and resonates with the general public, thus creating a relationship between the brand and the clients. Besides selling products, Nike also sells stories and focuses on emotional storytelling, and this is why their message, “If you have a body, you’re an athlete,” encourages everyone to have an active lifestyle. In all their strategies, they adopt emotional marketing by using five human emotions, pain, strength, doubt, rededication and joy, and tell meaningful and inspiring descriptions, in which anyone can deal with everything if they put their mind to it. They also use diversity and inclusion, where cultural background, gender, ethnicity and age don’t matter, as they want to create a diverse environment. Plus, Nike also uses sponsorship and endorsements and collaborates with plenty of celebrities to achieve maximum reach, including Maria Sharapova, Tiger Woods, and Neymar Jr., to name a few. 

As you can see, Nike adopted many strategies that guaranteed its success, so if you want to integrate the same processes and increase your brand visibility, you need to collaborate with a branding and design agency to help you develop the best alternatives for your business.  


Stripe is also a business that has adopted fantastic brand strategies, as in less than ten years  from 2009, when it was first launched, the company earned $36 billion. Since then, the company has grown increasingly, as Stripe is now the most popular business offering financial services. A good strategy adopted by them is offering the possibility of connecting users through their Stripe Sessions, an annual event where participants can find out the latest news about the company and new launches, and the brand can listen to the feedback from their users. Also, Stripe uses niche marketing, a classical strategy that focuses on creating products suitable for their customers, which in this case are represented by developers. Plus, it focuses on building brand recognition and loyalty for clients, so that customers will consider it the first and best choice and won’t need a second alternative. 

As you can see, branding in financial services is important and needs to be considered by companies in this field. 


Starbucks is a popular coffee brand that has a rapid expansion all around the globe, being the first choice for people looking for quality coffee products. But how did it reach such a massive success? As you already saw in the examples above, the answer is by using the right brand strategies. A great approach adopted by the company stands in the interesting logo that attracts people’s attention, represented by the classic siren logo. Focusing on products is another method used, and they offer an unmatchable experience and diverse alternatives that makes it hard for other shops to keep up with. The organization also benefits from an unbeatable branding consistency, where everything feels like Starbucks, from the atmosphere in the stores to their advertising and digital content. Plus, Starbucks uses technology to ease their customer’s life and it created apps specially made for clients to order the desired products without standing in endless queues.

Final words

The list doesn’t stop here, as several other examples are worth mentioning, like Netflix, Tiffany & Co, Apple, Airbnb, and many more. Still, all they have in common is using branding strategies that increase success, so it might be a good idea for you to implement these methods. To create a strong brand, you must emphasize the fundamental values and experiences you offer and why your services are better than the ones of your competitors. You need a digital presence, an interesting website, powerful ads, and campaigns that will want clients to continue associating with your brand. Also, customers should feel special, so you need to put them in the center of your attention and always offer the best experience.

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