All The Details You Need To Know About The Expungement Tool

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Once a criminal offense will stay with you for your lifetime. All your chances for a better life will be hampered by their presence. Whether getting into school, getting a job, getting a house, or licensing, the record will ruin all the chances. All the chances of your normal life will be in danger with a criminal history. Expungement can help you erase the criminal record and start a new life altogether. But getting an expungement is not that easy. There are many things behind getting expungement that you need to know. The Wyoming expungement tool will help you to delete your records. Keep reading to know more.


The process of destroying or sealing past criminal records is known as expungement. It is a process that seals the records from federal and state law. However, it is only up to a certain extent that your criminal records will get sealed; they will continue to stay in the police records. 

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To expunge your records, you will need to fulfill certain criteria. Petty crimes like shoplifting and DUI charges can be expunged easily. But if you are involved in a homicide, sexual assault, endangering the safety of a child, etc., you will not be eligible for expungement. Expungement is also subjective to timing. You will need to complete the full term or pay off the fine that you were charged before getting an expungement.


A deed that you have done in the past can hamper your normal life if not taken care of. Criminal records will have an impact on your job, studies, getting a house, getting a loan, and getting a certain professional license. Expungement can help you seal the criminal records from the public eye and hence clear your track record. 


Expungement will remove the criminal record from the public domain and federal records, but not from social media and google. The police records will also have all the details of your criminal record. 

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It is not very easy to understand the dynamics of expungement. Hence, comes a lawyer who will help you understand the process and help you to hide your criminal records. They will also tell you if it is necessary to use an expungement tool. Some petty issues can be overlooked by the authorities, like DUI charges, so you will not need to use the tool. 

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