An Overview of ECBA™ Training

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Written By Charlotte Miller

In the business and its analysis sector, one can come across various skills and certifications which will help them in providing business solutions and boost career growth. The ECBA™ Certification just like the Scrum or Agile certification has its own advantages. 

ECBA Certification:

ECBA Certification covers all the basic foundational knowledge and fundamental skills required to determine, analyze and solve challenges in the best manner. This exam is designed in a way to test your knowledge and understanding of a person about the basic concepts of business analysis and practice. ECBA™ training and certification are important as it allows you to keep improving in areas that will help you develop in any organizational role. You will learn to identify various business-related problems and how to provide effective solutions to them. 

Highlights of the Training-

  • Live, interactive instructor-led training classes.
  • Numerous mock tests, quizzes, assignments, and more.
  • Continuous exam support.
  • Gain access to Courseware for a lifetime.

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Learning Pathways Of ECBA™ Training

The key learning trail for ECBA™ certifications are – 

  • You are introduced to various ECBA™ Certification courses 
  • You are given an overview of the requirements of the process of  ECBA™
  • Understanding the importance of this particular certification.
  • Role of ECBA™ Certification in your career 
  • You are introduced to the International Institute of Business Analysis body 
  • Moving towards becoming a certified professional
  • A glimpse into the study plan of ECBA™ certification
  • Preparation for the certification exam of ECBA™.

Similar to the PSM™, CSM®, CSPO®, the ECBA™ also has specific criteria for eligibility such as professional development training. The fee for this application is nearly  $60 and the fee for the exam is between $110 to $240 and this depends upon the status of the membership of IIBA. It is a web-based examination and so you can appear from anywhere you choose. 

Blueprint Of ECBA™ Certification Examination

To be a certified ECBA™, you must have complete knowledge about certain areas of the blueprint of the examination of ECBA™ Certification. These are the following- 

  • Solutions and their evaluation.
  • Elicitation Collaboration and elicitation with various other teams and companies.
  • Analysis of the key concepts of Business and management.  
  • Planning and monitoring various business analyses. 
  • Life Cycle, its management, and requirements.
  • Analysis & Design Definition and their respective requirements.

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 Why is ECBA™ Certification Useful?

The ECBA™ certification is very helpful as-

  • You get to learn about the various standards of international BA practice.  
  • Achieving an advanced and upgraded certification is required to apply for jobs(BA). 
  • Introduction to fundamental analysis techniques and tools of business.
  • It will finesse your business analysis skills so that you can give valuable and important solutions to problems.   
  • Knowledge of the basic foundations and concepts of business analytical practice.

What Are the Prerequisites required?

There are no mandatory prerequisites for ECBA™ training and certification course. 


This Entry Certification in Business Analysis training helps the amateur and starting business analysts in acquiring all the important and required BA skills needed to survive at the top in the various sectors and enterprises Thus, it is indeed, a very helpful and important certification you need to become a renowned professional in both industry and market.