Are Your Kids Couch Potatoes? Then, Get Them Up And Active With These Fun Activities.

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Written By Berry Mathew

Are you looking for some fun activities for your couch potato kid? Do you want them to be more active throughout the day? Getting your child off the phone and getting them into some physical activities is essential. Here are some fun and exciting activities you get your child to do to make them active. Read on!

Children need to have fun in order to stay physically and mentally healthy. Kids can make candles with wooden wicks and soy wax candles. Wooden wick and soy wax candles are made with natural materials like cotton and wood. These activities are sure to bring hours of enjoyment and help keep kids physically and mentally healthy.

  •     Play Hide And Seek

Hide and seek is a very interesting game that brings you a lot of excitement. This game can make your kids more active and energized if all they do is sit at home. Hide and seek involves both physical and mental activity. One has to search, and others need to hide. It involves finding plays to hide and run that will create a lot of excitement in your children’s minds and eventually make them more active.

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  •     Family Outing

Many children become lazy due to a similar life cycle every day. Their childhood becomes boring, and they start becoming lazy. Family outings are one of the best options to make your children active and refresh their minds. A break from regular life is extremely helpful. Regular outings can create curiosity in their mind, and they will have a happy, healthy, and active mood due to the outings.

  •     Sports Activities

Sports teach a lot when it starts at a very young age. It teaches discipline, teamwork, and patience to your child. Most importantly, sports require physical fitness and an active body. Your child will be trained to be active. Sports can create a habit of being active and staying fit throughout life. 

You can let them explore various sports fields. Make them play football, tennis, badminton or cricket. Later on, they will find one which interests them the most.

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  •     Cubby House Playtime

To make your child active, you can also go for Cubby Houses. You can make them play inside it, and they will have a lot of fun there. There are different cubby houses available in the market. Get the size that will be most appropriate for your kid. You can go for the small, medium or large one.

You can find cubby houses online and choose the best one.  

  •     Regular Cycling

Cycling is a good exercise to be fit and a good way of traveling. This is one of the essential skills that you need to teach your child. Regularly going out with your kid cycling will give them a good experience and motivate them to do it more often. This will be more fun if you visit a new place every time. With time you will notice your kid is enjoying this activity the most.

  •     Get Them Involved In House Works

If your kiddo is always on the couch doing absolutely nothing, start getting them involved in some simple household work. For example, ask them to help you in the kitchen or the garage. It will make them feel important, and they will enjoy helping you. Indirectly they will become active, and slowly this will become habituated, and gradually they will start doing everything on their own.

  •     Aerobics, Yoga, Or Exercise

Making your child physically fit is the best way to make them active. When your child is engaged in exercise and yoga every morning, he will feel the energy throughout the day. With exercise and yoga, your body and mind will become more active. Aerobics is a fun way to become active. Just dance around with music to become fit and active. This will help your child become more active both physically and mentally.

  •     Swimming Classes

Swimming is a well-known exercise to make your body fit and active. Floating over the water is a good experience that will make your kid feel good. Swimming classes will be the best option to make your child leave the couch and enjoy themself while being active.

Through these classes, they will not learn a new skill, but this can help your kid in a drastic situation. It will be a lifesaving skill for the child.


To make your kid active, your actions play a vital role. Get them enrolled in various acting classes, and gradually, you will notice their growing interest. You can go for the activities mentioned above, or you can think of some more. Take your kid out and let them play!